AR-15 Podcast - The Short Barreled Edition

Welcome to another edition of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode JD and I will be answering some listener questions and reading some feedback.   


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Braden - Hey I’m new to the firearm community and started listening to some podcast. I heard about the pistol giveaway and was interested in more details on how to get involved with that. Thanks!


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MAIN TOPIC: Truck Gun Feedback / Work and Firearms Discussion

Nate D - Hey guy's just got done listening to the truck gun show. Wow you covered a lot in it. I want to let you know what my truck/backpack gun it. I have a Kel-Tec sub 2000 9mm. I like the fact it has the 16in barrel and it can fold in half and fit in a backpack. The main upgrades I'm looking at doing on it is a red dot optic mount. I'm not sure wait way i want to go. Red lion has a cool one that has a lock ring and it will rotate. Or i was at my local gun store talking with them, they suggested maybe trying a 45-degree side angle mount for a red.. I'm not sure whether it can still fold in half. Let me know if you have any ideas. Love the show keep up all the hard work.
Thank you

Kevin - I like the idea of an AR platform that shares mags with your concealed pistol. But not a must. I think the ruger pc9 carbine could work as long as you are proficient in assembly of the two parts.

My personal truck gun is a pistol AR in 5.56 with a vortex spitfire prism style red dot.  I think a prism style optic eliminates the worry of battery function, however mine still has it for night use. I have magpul mbus flip up sights as back up as well. I use a magpul telescoping stock that I forget the model of. I like the pdw stocks but the cost hurts my wallet muscle too much so I still to what I’ve got.

Clark County Teacher - As a teacher in clark truck gun for me except on weekends. 10.5 in barrel, holosun optic. And an otis cleaning kit from your show...if possible.

Mike - Love the show, thanks for the content! My “truck” gun is an AR pistol with a brace. It has a short 7.5in barrel and in hindsight a 10.5 would have been a better choice. I have it outfitted with an 800 lumen light, Vortex Strikefire, AFG and of course backup irons. I carry it in a non tactical looking covert pack form UTG usually strapped just behind the passenger seat in my F150. Also in the pack are several magazines, some 55gr and some 62gr. It is pretty easy to access from the driver's seat. It works well out to a couple hundred yards but after that it gets pretty difficult! I live in rural MT so my other truck gun is a M1a Scout/squad set up as a half ass DMR. Thanks again for the show!
Matt - I’m running a 8” Aero Precision 300 blk out upper on an Aero lower with a shockwave blade stabilizing brace, and Law Tactical folding adaptor. Topped off with a Holosun red dot, Troy fixed front sight and a flip up rear, and a TLR1 mounted at 12:00.

Here in Michigan this setup is legally a “pistol” so I can CC it loaded in a vehicle. If I were to take my SBR, the rifle and ammo would have to be separated. Plus, keeping it concealed in a bag, I can take it with me when I park and leave the car in unattended.

I chose the 300 blk out mainly due to the length restrictions in my state. For its intended purpose 300blk, I believe, is superior to 5.56/.223 in a sub 10.5” barrel. I don’t see myself engaging threats at the longer distances where 300blk would become ineffective. Plus I didn’t have one yet.

As for WML’s, IMO, they are very useful for PID of a threat in low light situations. I understand how they could give your position away to an attacker, but that is only if you leave it on constantly. The TLR1 doesn’t add much weight, and I would rather have it than not. The shake awake function on the holosun has worked well, just grabbing the bag from behind the seat is enough to activate it, and it extends the battery like to something like 50k hours. I will be replacing it annually just to be sure, like I do with my mini RDS on my carry pistol.

I love the show and have been a listener for a few years now. I purchased my first AR off the rack, but thanks to you two, I have built 3  more in the last year or so. Plus funding my girlfriend’s build which she picked all her own parts, none of which were pink, and then assembled it herself. All are sporting an optic in one form or another, but to make Reed proud all have quality irons too.

DR - I’ve got a c39v2 pistol with a folding brace. It fits in a medium size backpack, but doesn’t leave much room for anything else.

Otis Winners - Matt and Clark County Teacher

Work Question….

Conor - Hey guys, so I was listening to your truck gun episode and heard JD mention having a shotgun in his old office. I just started a new job and I looked at the employee handbook to see what their firearms policy is. It says that it is not allowed unless authorized by upper management. How would you approach this? How would you phrase it to ask for permission?
Love the show, thanks guys.


AR-15 Podcast - The Apocalypse Feedback Show

Welcome to another edition of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode JD and I will be talking about what 4 firearms you the listeners told us you would want for the apocalypse.


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MAIN TOPIC: Listener Feedback



AR-15 Podcast 218 - Listener Feedback Part 2


Welcome to Episode #218 of the AR15 Podcast. This week we have some more listener feedback.

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Listener Feedback…

Samuel B: Hi guys. Love the show!  When I build my next AR I am considering putting a scope and offset iron sights on it. My question is, with options ranging in price from $20 to $200.  Are there any offset irons that you guys can suggest based on positive personal experience? Thank you.

Curt H: Guys, I've been having a discussion with a friend about the 300 blackout he wants. He claims that a piston system works better with a silencer than DI. Do you know if this is true and if so why?

kiki kiki: Hello Reed and JD..... I have one AR-15 Lower and multiple uppers... all my uppers have an assortment of different 2 chamber muzzle brakes... from Surefire procomp to Wheaton arms 2 chamber brake! what these brakes all have in common is carbon build up on barrel crown face! No matter how many times I clean them, few 100 rounds later build up back! Cleaning becomes a pain, since you have to remove muzzle brake and reinstall and time with a new Crush Washer! Is this something I should worry about or just ignore...thanks kiki

Don: Glad to hear you back after a few weeks away. My question is about acceptable weight range for an AR-15. I just finished my first AR-15, built from sourced upper and lowers as opposed to building completely from scratch. Unloaded and with optic and BUIS it comes in at 8 lbs even. I know weight is subjective and depends on intended use but what do you think a normal weight range should be for a defensive rifle?

Dan C: Hey guys, I love the show, I've listened for years. Just like on all of Reed's rifles my iron sights are always up. I was wondering if you guys were ever planning on doing a show about the Fostech and Franklin Armory binary triggers, these are amazing developments and honestly seem better than an actual full auto. Though of course I'd like the Hughes Amendment to go away just as much as anyone. Love the show and Reed is for sure my favorite host, nothing against the other guys at all lol.

Zachary D: I know you've done several shows about acquiring NFA items, but don't think you've ever done one about what the rules are after you get your items. I envision this being similar to what a lawyer would provide to his client after drafting up a trust and the do's and don'ts for staying out of trouble.

Suggested topics include:

1. Traveling with your items;

2. federal laws, vs. state;

3. Do you really need to get permission from the ATF to transport across state lines?

4. How far ahead do you need to start planning if you do need ATF approval?

5. Does federal law trump state law when it comes to NFA items?
6. Loaning your items out - Is it ok to hand to the guy next to you at the range to let him try your silencer / SBR?

7. What about letting your wife or child use the item if they're not on your trust?

Shawn E: I live in Minnesota, which like a lot of states has regional separation during deer hunting for the legal means to take deer. I happen to reside in the shotgun zone, but we have several guys who hunt with rifle-caliber pistols.

Thinking of possible range, recoil, and repeat shots, I thought I would build an AR pistol in .300 AAC Blackout. One of the reasons I like it over a traditional pistol platform is that three points of contact, rather than one or two can be made with a traditional handgun. The fore end, grip, and the cheek weld on the buffer tube help to steady it a bit more than a traditional revolver or single-shot rifle-caliber pistol. With its weight, combined with its semi-auto bolt, it soaks up the recoil of the round pretty well.

So, flatter shooting, longer range, better stability, easy-to-mount optics, less upward recoil all make the AR pistol attractive to deer hunting where I am.

Thanks for a great podcast.  I actually like when you guys eat food on the air – it gives the show an “earthy” quality of sitting around the table in a hunting shack, a feed store, or somewhere else where folks are comfortable, normal, and real.


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