AR-15 Podcast 160 - Day at the Range and Revisiting Iron Sights

Welcome to Episode #160 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re going to talk about  Reed’s long overdue day at the “range” and some thoughts on our old standby, Back-up Iron Sights.



New email Address:

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What we’ve been up to

Reed - Had a great time with friends shooting out in the country.

J.D. - Lining up guests and giveaways


Main Topic:

Iron Sights


Magpul - MBUS Gen 1

Magpul - MBUS Gen 2

Magpul - MBUS Pro

Magpul - MBUS Pro LR

Diamondhead USA, Inc. - Integrated Sighting System

Knights Armament - Micro Front Flip Sight

Knights Armament - Micro 600m Rear Flip Sight

Yankee Hill Machine - Q.D.S System Front/Rear Sight Set

Troy Industries, Inc. - 45 Degree Offset Sight Set, M4 & DOA

BCM - AR-15 Carry Handle

iTAC Defense - Rotary Diopter Rear Sight

LMT - L8A Tactical Adjustable Rear Sight



Consider how You Will Dress your rifle

There is a Learning Curve

Zeroing Your Sights

Consistency in Methodology

What goes into a Successful Range Day:

Location Location Location

Remember to wear sunscreen

You will forget something (so make a list)

Think outside the box (field expedient solutions)

Water and Snacks

First Aid Kit

Never Go Alone



Going be Fatigued

Don’t be a jerk

Safety is a primary concern

Honorable Mention:

Chad Wallace Yoga pants

Tim Crosnoe Cowboy boots, @$$less chaps

Jim Southern Target girls in bikinis with fur hats and combat boots

Andrew Smith Ammo, firearm, stapler.


Stay tuned for another Giveaway.  We are working out the details and will let you all know as soon as we get everything in order.