AR-15 Podcast 182 - Gunshop Nightmares

Welcome to Episode #182 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re joined by Joseph from JoeBob Outfitters and David from New Frontier Armory.

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What’s going on with us?

J.D. -

Chris -

A gigantic thank you goes out to Otis Technology for sponsoring tonight's main topic.  

Main Topic:  Gun Shops Nightmares

Joseph - Joe Bob Outfitters  

David - New Frontier Armory

Tell us about your shops.

Customer Horror stories

Gun Shop Etiquette

What will be the biggest difference in the industry that we will see in one year?


Nick - Are they stocking up for the election panic?

Chris - Question for the esteemed entrepreneurs: How many times have you wanted to draw down on someone for muzzling the crap out of you? ;)

Tom - Aside from the 4473 do they deny sales of guns to people that seem to be acting a bit off?


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