AR-15 Podcast 202 - Hanging Out

Welcome to Episode #202 of the AR15 Podcast.

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Main Topic:

 What have we been up too…

Reed - 6.5 Grendel build



               HPA - Thoughts

               Where is Anthony?

               AR-15 Market Right Now

               Shirts for the Show - Ideas for a logo?   

Jeff  - Hey guys! Looking to get a BCG for my build and was thinking of going melonite. Could you recommend what you would consider is the best on the market? Cost is not a factor.

Seth - Thanks guys. First time using the Otis cleaning tools. Won the bone tool last year. Love it. Looking forward to another great year of content. Keep up the good work guys.

Tyler - Looking at building an AR for my older brother, he wants something other than 5.56 but still something similar and easy to find. Thinking a 7.62x39 due to cheap ammo and it's an all around decent cartridge. Besides prebuilt ones that are ridiculously expensive, do you have any build suggestions? I'm hoping to stay with a plane Jane lower that can take any normal AR upper so if I wanna get him a present in the future I can build him an upper. Anyways like I said, I've heard there's some reliability issues in feeding and seen some forums where the guys all ground down their feed ramps and bored out a slightly larger gas port and they worked fine.  Any advice helps

Tyler Dice PSA barrels are made by FN. But are PSA barrels made to PSA spec, or FN spec?


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