AR-15 Podcast 208 - NRA 2017

Welcome to Episode #208 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode JD and Reed talk about NRA 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Clear the Air:

1. Reed:  

2. JD:  STP Stratus Support Systems

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Main Topic:

NRA 2017

What’s new with firearms:

Integrally Suppressed Ruger 10/22 takedown barrel

Adaptive Tactical Shockwave Sidewinder

Zenith Z-5RS SB Classic

Daniel Defense DDWAVE 3D Printed Suppressor

                 Heckler & Koch Announces New Subcompact VP9SK

President Trump speaks

Illinois Legislative Scandal SB 1567

Adam Kraut

Carry Guard

NRA 2018

Dallas, TX


Zephyr R: Just started listening. Heard three so far. Always riding the old guy is getting old. It was funny at first, but you do it every show. Show some more respect for the old guy and his iron sights etc.

Tony S: I've been listening to the podcast for a few months now but haven't seen a new one in over a couple of weeks. Hope all is well.  Looking forward to hearing  from you guys soon.

Nathan J: I recently finished building a 6.5 Grendel and am now fine tuning some of the parts. I have a 24" barrel and installed an SLR Rifleworks adjustable gas block to help tune the gun to the specific loads to prevent over gassing and to create a better shooting experience (reduced recoil, etc.).


I have always been interested in the JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring because I hate the twang of the standard buffer spring as well as other benefits it provides (smoother action, reduced recoil, etc). Based on my current setup JP Enterprises recommends that I purchase the H2 version for my rifle, but I am wondering how much of a difference this spring will make (especially considering the price) when used in conjunction with the adjustable gas block. There are obviously some benefits that it still provides such as a smoother action, but the adjustable gas block should help resolve any bolt bounce due to over gassing. I know that my question is subjective, but in your opinion is the smoother action and twang elimination worth the $200, or should I focus my funds and energy elsewhere?

Martin S: I am actually starting my first build. I have a DDV7 and a Midwest Industries Pistol, but 556. I bought my barrel for the build from Ballistic Advantage (TY JD.) It's an 8.3" Premium 300 BLK. I am applying for the SBR. My question is about handguard. Two questions. I am thinking of hiding much of the muzzle device in the handguard. Probably a cone type linear comp). Do you see a real downside to having a 8 or 10 inch handguard on an 8.3 inch barrel?

Second question--I am dabbling with the idea of getting a suppressor. Should I go with a wider hand guard so the suppressor could go in that handguard? I love the Midwest, thin hand guard. 1.5'OD. Lovely to hold (and iron sights mount great). They make a bigger one to accommodate suppressors. Just looking for second opinions. Thanks!!


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AR-15 Podcast 173 - This is How We Roll Our Own

Welcome to Episode #173 of the AR15 Podcast. This week we talk about some of the parts and companies we like having on our personal rifles.

Shout Out: Aero Precision and Otis Technology

What We’ve Been Up To:

Reed - Fitting in at the new gig and missing my morning range time

J.D. - Mr. Noodles

Anthony - Still moving

Chris - Just kicking it

Main Topic:  

We are going to break down every part of the rifle.


  • Aero
  • Mega
  • BAD
  • Daniel Defense
  • J.D. Machine
  • PSA
  • RTT
  • Spikes
  • LMT- MARS Lower
  • Stag?


  • Daniel Defense
  • MegaArms
  • FN
  • Ballistic Advantage
  • Yankee Hill
  • Chris uses Craddock Precision - on all builds
  • Faxon


  • CMC Trigger
  • Geissele Triggers
  • PSA
  • The Wisconsin Trigger Company, INC
  • Rock River
  • ALG


  • Brownells
  • CMMG
  • DPMS
  • PSA
  • Rock River


  • PSA
  • Bravo Company
  • Brownells
  • Rainier Arms

Gas Block

  • Low profile (.750”)
  • Ultra Low Profile (.625”)
  • Heavyweight (.936”)
  • Midweight (.875”)


  • Spikes
  • PWS
  • Brownells
  • Bravo Company
  • JP Silent Capture
  • Tubb Precision Buffer Spring


  • B5 SOPMOD/ Bravo
  • Magpul CTR
  • Magpul PRS
  • Magpul MOE
  • BAD - Saber - Vert
  • Luth-AR


  • Midwest Industries G3 Lightweight Keymod Rail
  • ALG Defense
  • Geissele - Price drop
  • Yankee Hill Machine
  • Knights Armament
  • Brigand Arms - Carbon fiber
  • Precision Reflex Inc.


Sean K.  Oh my gosh. You guys say "you know" "um" "so" more than any other podcast (apparently Sean has listened to all 150,000 of them). I thought there was a level of professionalism when I started listening to episode 172 (I thought I was supposed to be paid to be considered a professional) but that quickly left my thoughts when Reed started talking and said "you know" 10 times (exactly) in just a few minutes (exactly how many minutes is a few). It was almost to (too) difficult to listen to (dangling participle). All the great information you guys share is lost with the filler (apparently we used filler enough to drown out 77 minutes of a show) and "you know" crap thrown in.

Spencer:  Hey guys, great show as always... but I was hoping Reed would mention where he found an A1 rear sight assembly for his retro upper.

I have exactly the same upper/lower set from Brownells, and it never really occurred to me that this part would be a sticking point. Is it possible to use the A2 parts in an A1 upper? I know it wouldn’t be correct, but I could live with that in my build.

Also, for the listener who wanted a reasonably priced suppressor to use for home defense, they should check out the Griffin Spartan 3. Its MSRP is $550, and it’s available for under $500 most places, so the cost is reasonable.

More importantly, it’s a direct-thread device that is intended to be pinned and welded onto a 10.5” barrel to make a non-NFA 16” barrel length.

This gives you the absolute shortest suppressed system you can get without an SBR stamp, and Griffin makes excellent suppressors that routinely outperform other 5.56 cans (The Military Arms Channel did a great review showing this).

This is how I plan on building a dedicated home defense AR that won’t leave me permanently deaf if, God forbid, I ever have to use it.

Rob:  Hi, Just saw an interesting Outdoor Channel show (Shooting Gallery 5/23/16) on owning silencers. Guest Jeremy Mallette was from The Silencer Shop (Austin TX.) and covered how to one stop shop a silencer. Would love to have someone on from The Silencer Shop. Thanks


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ARP 121 - NRA Annual Meeting Review


Welcome to Episode #121 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Anthony Hardy and with me tonight is my ever faithful co-host, J.W. Ramp. This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level. Brownells helps make this show possible.

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 Main Topic: NRA Annual Meeting 2015 - Nashville, TN

The trip up

Arrival: The House

Parking in Nashville

Backpack (preparedness seminar ensues)

Media Credentials

Walking the floor (9 acres)

 CMC Triggers



North American Arms

            Daniel Defense

FrogLube: Larry Lasky







Trainers Update

America’s Rifle Challenge (sponsored by the NRA and Daniel Defense)

Otis Technology:

 March 23:  Chad Goeden

March 30:  Michael Sheldon

April 6: Nathan Sanders

April 13: Mike Mourer

 The fine folks at Otis Technology have sent over a mountain of rifle maintenance tools and cleaning kits for the AR-15 and AR-10.  We’ve been tasked with giving them away.  Watch for the special posts on Facebook and Instagram to get a chance to win some of the awesome products made by Otis Technology.  We’ll give away a complete MSR Cleaning kit in either 5.56 or 7.62 in the middle of each  month up until Christmas, when we’ll give away a complete Otis Technology Elite Cleaning System to one lucky listener.  During the alternating weeks, we’ll be giving away a host of Otis tools and cleaning supplies.


Bob L:  Reed, Thanks for all you do in producing an amazing podcast (cast & crew included).  I have listened since the beginning.   I know there is an endless amount of subject matter for our black rifles, but thought I would pass this on.

 A friend of mine who is an aeronautical engineer called me one day and asked if I would research the merits of the big bore AR 15's, after all I am retired and have more time, right?   Specifically, he was interested in the 458 SOCOM vs. the 450 Bushmaster.  I personally had no interest in either until I dug in and started learning about the two.   I think the stories of their development are incredibly interesting and think that some interviews with their respective developers would make great shows.  Tim LeGendre the creator of the 450 Bushmaster (450 Professional) is actively posting on the forum under the call of "wildcatter" and I believe Tony Rumore of Tromix was involved in the Socom development, he is also on the same blog under tonyrumore.   I believe both would be willing.  Additionally, I believe the interviews would be of value just due to their historical significance.

 Some aspects; if SAAMI spec'd, parent cartridge, bullet differences, ammo availability and cost, max effective range, required components for conversion, pro and cons of straight walled case and bottled necked cases as well as recent changes to Michigan and Ohio hunting laws.

 Another interview I would love to listen to would be Bill Alexander on the development of the 6.5 Grendel and the 50 Beowulf.

 Loved the Faxon segment! Keep up the good work, thanks again.

DW Taylor:  I recently got bitten by the black rifle bug. I discovered your podcast right after you closed registration for the latest give-a-way. Missed it by THAT much… (Per Maxwell Smart. Yes, I am old)

 I appreciate the humble approach you take to your audience. We are all newbies at one time in this field. I would have left more feedback, but I can only do that on my mobile devices through my Facebook log on, and I do not have a Facebook account (don’t want one either).

 6.5 Grendel

I have not heard you speak much of this in the AR configuration. Pros, Cons, thoughts?  I am thinking about building an upper that I can use for deer this fall. I have heard this is a good round for larger game. You talk a lot about the 300 Blackout. How do they compare? Are they similar, totally different purpose & intent?

 Thanks for the weekly show. I haven’t missed one since I started. I listen on Stitcher and often download so I can listen on the plane as I fly to work.


ARP 069 - Interview with Marty Daniel

Reed talks with our special guest, Marty Daniel, President of Daniel Defense.

Welcome to Episode #069 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me today is my co-host J.W. Ramp. This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

Brownells helps make this show possible.

Don’t forget that Brownells is there for you anytime you make a mistake, like when Jake shoots a take down pin detent across his avacado green linoleum flooring and it skids under the cabinets.

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Main Topic:  Daniel Defense

Listener Feedback:

CHRIS M. Reed, just saw my first pistol AR15 in the flesh this weekend.  Really kinda liked it.  When do you think you can do a show on them?

Interested in a discussion about:


1. barrel length options

2. are there different length buffer tubes available

3. would you make any different selection for trigger control parts/bolt and bolt carrier/grip?

4. any concern over the charging handle selection since the gas system is likely vigorous and your face may be closer to the receiver if you use the buffer tube as a shortened stock.

Plus any other topics you and your co-host can discover.

Thanks, Chris

CIPHOTO: Hi Reed and guest hosts,

Since you have a "stamp collector" as a rotating guest in the AR15 podcast I thought I would send in a question about suppressors.

I'd like to get a suppressor for my several AR15 5.56 rifles and also be able to use the suppressor on my .30 caliber rifles.  Obviously this means that I need to get a 7.62mm compatible can.  I love the idea of quickly moving the suppressor between rifles using quick disconnect but I see a few downsides with the quick disconnect option:

1) I don't like what I read about quick disconnects and their effect on accuracy between suppressor removal and reinstall; maybe I could get away with the slight zero changes for the AR15's but not for the bolt action .30 cal precision rifles.

2) The quick disconnects are expensive.  I'd have to come up with another $400-$600 for quick disconnects for all my rifles and I'm stuck with this quick disconnect for all future rifles.  I want something that the market is going to latch onto so I don't have an antiquated and obsolete QD system in 2 years.

Here are my questions:

1) I hear the Trifecta MAAD mount allows for all options: quick disconnect, threaded, compatible with other QD mounts (i.e. AAC).  Do you guys think this is where the industry is going?

2) What are your thoughts on the Saker 7.62 compared to the other suppressors which require quick disconnect?

3) Should I just get the Saker 5.56 with QD and choose a separate threaded 7.62 supressor for all my .30 caliber precision work?

ROB: Sounds to good to be good?

mgi marck hydra AR-15 review plz

MICHAEL D: I am somewhat stalled out on an AR build.  My wife wanted something different.  Well, this is  different.  She wants it in .204 Ruger!  Check!  Smooth side receiver!  Check!  Wood stock set!  Check!  Heavy stainless barrel!  Check!  Gas piston system!  Oh, $#!*.  I have been completely unable to find a piston kit that fits the heavy bull barrel.  The closest seems to be one from Osprey Defense.  The Brownells website claims that it is good for a .875" barrel, but the Osprey website claims that it can handle 1" barrels.  Sadly, I have not been able to get a reply from Osprey when I emailed them about it.  Do you happen to have any ideas?  I would hate to disappoint my wife.....  Already have the following:

Smith & Wesson lower receiver.

DPMS smooth side upper receiver.

DPMS .204 Ruger Barrel.

Lucid stock set (Laminate Rifle, Camo)