AR-15 Podcast 177 - The Wonderful World of Cerakote

Welcome to Episode #177 of the AR15 Podcast. Robert Hunter from RTT Firearms joins us to discuss the Wonderful World of Cerakote

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What’s going on with us?

J.D. - Back from vacation

Robert -  

Reed - Is getting older and needed a nap

Chris -

Anthony - Veto Gunmageddon

Otis Technology Sponsoring tonight's main topic.  

Main Topic:


  1. Tell us about RTT - History -

  2. What is Cerakote

  3. The process of becoming a RTT Certified Cerakote Applicator

  4. The benefits of Cerakote over other products.

  5. Durability

  6. Limitations

  7. Cost for a standard AR-15?

  8. Craziest Job Request to date

Question for Shop Owners.

What will be the biggest difference in the industry that we will see in one year?


Jenz Yoder - Any reason to Cerakote besides the cool factor? I like the cool factor but a wonder if it protects my gun better than just keeping it cleaned and oiled. I guess camo might be nice for hunting if you can hunt with an Ar.

Tom Gonzalez - Ask him if they can add texture in the Cerakote application. Also is there a technique that can be used to repair scratches and abrasions to the Cerakote coating.

Chris Allen - Which components are considered off limits or not recommended to cerakote?

John Allen - Is cerakote the proper coating if I want to cover my Hi-Point in hundred dollar bills?

Tyler Dice - How come cerakote doesn't take to well to layering?

Dean Arthur - How would one do-it-themselves?


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