AR-15 Podcast 217 - Listener Feedback

Welcome to Episode #217 of the AR15 Podcast. Listener Feedback

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What’s Up?

  1. Reed - SBR AR-15 (.357 Sig)

  2. J.D.

Chris… Tyler and Taylor… Thanks for the help.

What Tom G said this week… “ On a personal note I was wondering if I was the only one that likes to wear the underwear with elephant 🐘 trunk and clear the house with my AR.” - Thanks for the monthly support.

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Listener Feedback…

Tyler Wiese -  Thoughts on 6.8SPC and Grendel. Things from range, huntability, bullet selection, reloading, and trusted barrel/bolt makers. Would also love a whole wildcats show, with as many calibers and info as you can get. Also thoughts on the AR10 platform’s 45 RAPTOR

Jason Kruse - I would like to hear your guys opinion and take on the NRA and how people are becoming so disappointed in that organization. Also are there any good alternatives. Also would like your take on the 7.62 X 39 round in the AR platform.

Joe Oliveira - Proper cleaning times and methods. When to or not use a borebrush.

Craig Valentine - I have a 14.5" BCM carbine length barrel. What weight buffer should I be running to help compensate for the barrel length? I also have a rifle length BCM that feels much different. I also Know it's a longer gas system. I'm just wondering if changing my buffer weight(currently a 4.3)would help. I am running a JP Enterprises carbine length polished silent spring with it (not the silent capture)Thanks guys!!
Robert Mate - I have a old(1945) browning A-5 12 gauge shotgun that is in rough condition but still functions fine it just looks bad. No pitting but definitely needs redone.It was kinda handed down to me from my wife's uncle who isn't with us anymore. I am wondering if I should have it cerakoted or just keep shooting it and keep it from getting worse or try to contact browning to see about a reblue and service

Brandon Dhondt - I'm in the parts buying phase of my first build, a .308 composed mostly of Aero Precision components. I'm looking for a good reliable adjustable gas block, more particularly in Stainless vs black. I'm leaning towards the JP adjustable block but am concerned if the adjustability while the handguard is on since the adjustment screw is on the side of the block.
Any input would be great as far as other companies to look into or experiences with the JP block.

Connor R. Hebdon - Same idea as Robert below. What are some good 80% lowers and/or jig sets. I have a 5D tactical jig and I made some Bear creek arsenal lowers (worked really well actually) and always looking for more options

Alex Stephenson - I'd love to hear you guys talk about M16-A1 and M16-A2 clones.

Robert Mate - 80% lowers worth the hassle or not?

Justin Hope - Adjustable gas blocks. Hydraulic buffers. Opinions?

Jason - Got a question for the old man... or anyone else out there. Looking for some good but inexpensive iron sights for the AR-15 and 10 platforms. Thanks all.


ARP 093 - Building an AR For When the SHTF


Welcome to Episode #093 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me today are my Co-hosts Anthony Hardy and J.W. Ramp.  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.  

Joining us tonight are special guests Peter Palma; Sam Azner host of the Guns of Hollywood Podcast; and J.W.’s good buddy Josh

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AR-15 Podcast - Episode #075

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Spool Tool


  1. Introductions & Background

- Movies and pop culture:The Road, RED DAWN (F this zombie shit) WWZ, Walking Dead, Red Dawn, Zombie ammo/shoots

- Real world: Hurricane Katrina type disaster on larger scale, Terrorism, Solar Flares,Pandemic

  1. Potential Situations

- For each of these are you going to:

a. Bug out: light-weight, cleaning/maintenance on the go, what can you carry, etc

b. Shelter in place: belt fed uppers(Ares Defense MCR), huge ammo pile, etc

- Pandemic - Ebola/killer flu/weaponized disease

- Zombies/Alien Invasion/REALLY?!

- Conventional War - Invasion by aggressor nation or organization like ISIS or North Koreans (we really mean the Chinese)

- Nuclear War - Nuclear Holocaust

- Terrorism - EMP/Dirty Bomb/Infrastructure attack

- Natural Disaster

- Local “Tragedies”

  1. SHTF Characteristics in an AR

- Reliability/KISS… OF GOOD QUALITY (no DPMS shit)

- Caliber/bullet weight

- Super tactical or low profile

- Light weight build or strength through weight

- Battery-free?

- Optic for targets from CQB to “longer” distance

- Thermal/NVG/IR lazer

- Piston/DI

- Hunting rifle for game (you can kill an elephant with a .22)

- Back up irons (must be zero’d - not the irish tactical youtube sensation)

- Master key or back up/secondary gun? (or an entire cache(“bug in”))

- Weapon light

- Suppressor

  1. Support gear

- Body armor / plate carriers

- Magazines (type and how many)

- Cleaning kit (uh, MSCLEAN)

- Sling

- Lube (FIRECLEAN!!!) Yeah FIRECLEAN is the best but I can’t say that

- Carbon scraper

- Spare parts: bolt, spring kit (where’s my MSCLEAN PARTS KIT PALMA!)... (Buy an empty case and make one before I do and make a profit on it.)

- Survival Rifle (Chiappa X-Caliber)

- M&Ms/cyanide pill/Scotch

  1. WROL

- Would you go full auto/SBR?

-Shave that disconnector off?

  1. Reality check - if this thing breaks you DIE so don’t be cheap
  1. Training.


Dan: I'm thinking about building an AR-10 .308 specifically for distance...up to about 1000 yards. Obviously money IS a major factor but not a total deal breaker. So, without mortgaging my house, what are the most important things I need to consider when buying parts? What are the absolute must have features? Barrel length? Optic power? Trigger?  Etc...Thanks

Steve:  A couple of comments on your SBR show.

1. Another option to build an SBR is to shorten an existing barrel once the stamp arrives. 2. Form 1s for silencers only require the length and caliper.  No plans or other documentation is required. Materials should be less than $100.  My 9mm form 1 silencer will require around $50 in materials.  A good resource for home builds is the silencersmithing forum on Silencer Talk ( 3. Stamp collecting is fun but not as cool when you efile and do not get an actual stamp on your approved form. 4. efile rocks.

2k4ranger: Hi I was wondering if you have any opinions or experience on the new dpms gen 2 line of ar's.I would love to get a 308 ar for deer hunting, and the gen2 hunter seems like what i want but since it's dpms and such a new design I'm not so sure about it.  As always awesome podcast can't wait till the next release.

Chad W:  Reed, Anthony, or that other guy, I listened to the last podcast on SBR's, great info for those beginners.  I did mine on a form 1 and it was super easy. When I sent the paperwork off as an individual, not a trust, it took 30 days from when I sent it in until the stamped, signed paperwork was back in my hand, back in the George W. days.  One of my suppressors on a form 4 a month later took 35 days. I have form 1'd a suppressor for a 9mm also. It is a little more complicated in that you have to give it a serial #, Overall length, and caliber.  You do not need to send plans on the type of internals you plan on using, just length an caliber.  You can not do anything on it until the stamp is returned approved, only planning.  You must also engrave it with MFG Name (me), Caliber, ser#, and model (if you gave it a model on the form 1).  If you do a show on mfg your own suppressors, I might be interested in helping out.

kiki:  hey guys, u need to do a show on ar15 9MM carbines....  they are fun as hell and train at half the cost of 5.56.....  i have a mp15 converted to shoot 9mm, with a cmmg upper.....lots of fun, and able to shot indoor ranges that  don't allow rifles calibers.......


ARP 034 - Peter Palma's "MS Clean" AR15 Cleaning System


Steve talks about Peter Palma's new MS Cleaning System for the AR 15 rifle.


 Welcome to episode #34 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your Firearms Radio Network Roving Correspondent Steve flying solo this week. This is THEE podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

Main Topic:

Interview with Peter Palma of TopShot fame where we discuss his new AR15 cleaning kit MS Clean: The Magazine Shaped Cleaning Kit.

Otis BONE Tool and O12 Carbon Remover Giveaway O12 removes stubborn carbon fouling with ease BONE tool is the quick clean tool which scrapes carbon and fouling from the bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin of your AR15.

Winner: Will B.

Just wanted to throw my name in the hat for the giveaways. I do have a little feedback on the latest episode regarding what to feed the black rifle. I have heard that the twist rate of the rifling in the barrel can be effected by the weight of the projectile. I have heard recommendations of what grains work best for certain twist rates. Basically the main thing that interested me is that I read that a 1/9 twist barrel should only run 62 grain or smaller. 1/7 twist should be fine for any 5.56 or .223 bullet around, but shooters should be conscious if they have a 1/9 twist rated barrel as to what grain bullet they are running.  Is there any truth to this and if so it might be something you should make sure the listeners understand. Love the show guys and thanks for making my drives to and from work a little more bearable.

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ARP 021 - From the NRA Annual Meeting

Welcome to episode #21 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Greg Bakken. This is THEE podcast about youuurrrr favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

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Main Topic:

Next Level Training

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