ARP 016 - Canadian Flavored ARs


Matthew McLatchy joins Reed and Jake to talk about the similarities and differences in Canadian Ar-15s.

Welcome to episode #16 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Jake Challand with Co-host Reed Snyder. This is THEE podcast about youuurrrr favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

AR-15 Product of the Week:

EFFIN-A Compensator 5.56

Main Topic:Matthew McLatchy from Canadian Reload Radio

  • Barrel Length
  • Mag limits 5 -10
  • Ammo & firearm shortages?
  • Any hope of law changes?
  • Due South
  • Tell us about Canadian Reload Radio

Listener Feedback:

Lance Sauer - Kansas militia:  I enjoy your show and look forward to each new episode.  Are you going to \"AR-15 as SHTF/militia man rifle\" show.  thought it would be a fun show.

Ronnie:  I have an M&P 15 Sport with BCM Gunfighter charging handle, magpul furniture, aimpoint comp m2 and  +today will receive a mid length BCM 16 inch upper. Really like my AR 15.  Keep up good work, please bring in manufacturer guests.

Derrick:  One concept that I found interesting that I read about just a few weeks ago, and I am sorry, with all the stuff I've been reading and listening to I do not know who to give the credit too.  Anyway, One way to look at an AR and a shotgun as well, is as a piece of artillery, and the hand gun as infantry.  This concept revolves around the idea that should you face an intruder in your home, you would do your best to secure the safety of your family and then loudly notify the person that you are armed and should you be approached you will defend yourself.  This basic idea was taught to me in my CPL class, and leans towards not engaging unless you absolutely have to.  Anyway, back to the idea, the hand gun would be used to secure the safety of your family, basically getting to a safe room, type thing.  Once you are secure, then switch to the AR/shot gun once you are set, and have called 911 and such.  Basically, don't do a room to room search of your house, let law enforcement to that.  As you guys pointed out, with a hand gun you can utilize your free hand to work a flashlight, or door handles and whatever you may need to while maintaining the ability to shoot.

Another thing that was said in the podcast, was if your going to use the AR for home defense you would need to be ready and have the safety off.  But, as you clearly and appropriately emphasized the legal aspects and types of issues that can arise from type of firearm, type of ammo, and factory versus reloads for self defense, I would urge caution in moving through your home with the safety off on either an AR or a shotgun, because in essence you are then walking around with a loaded single action firearm.  Liken it to a revolver, you probably wouldn't suggest walking through your home with a revolver with the hammer cocked right?  Its the very reason law enforcement went to the double action pistols to reduce the chance of a wrongful discharge.  Well, with the safety off on an AR or shotgun, that is in essence what you are doing.  Even assuming you are keeping your finger off the trigger.  To me, it only takes a split second to disengage the safety on an AR or shotgun, and even speaks to your emphasis on the importance of training.  Again, I forget where I heard about it, but there were several cases where police officers had wrongful discharges because they were moving with the safety off on their duty shotgun.  Some food for thought. :)

I also enjoyed the discussion about bullets and pass through, as that is always a major concern with home defense, but I had heard/read that even with the FMJ .223 round, that they are designed to yaw, and thus dump more of their energy should they hit a wall, and thus, be even less likely to pass through then even a 9mm HP.  Not saying that is correct, but I know I have hear/read that in more than one place.  Just trying to add to the discussion.

Love the work you guys do, thank you, and keep it up!

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