AR-15 Podcast - Loose Rounds 002

Welcome episode 2 of “Loose Rounds!”  The Firearms Radio Network’s own Tony Simon from 2A For Everyone joins the round table to discuss the latest SHOT Show and the latest goings on in the firearms world.

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Order of Battle:



Miscellaneous notes and updates to listeners

What’s up with the guys?






Flash Traffic

LEAKED! The New Tavor TS12 Bullpup Shotgun From IWI: Who doesn’t want a 12 gauge bullpup?

New Jersey Bans Bump-Fire Stocks, Orders Their Surrender: Chris Christie surprises with a parting shot—pun intended.

New Jersey


Remington’s new Precision Chassis Rifle – The Model 700 PCR: What is this new offering from Remington? Bolt-action badassery or breech loading bouffant?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Teens and Tide Pods: Natural selection for all the LULZ.

 New California: Wait what? Didn’t they laugh at Texas for such things?

SHOT Show: Things We’re Excited To See

Sig Sauer Announces The P365

Song requests for Reed this year: Show tunes welcome.

War Sport is no more.

Franklin SBR

Letters From The Field

Paul Carter: “If you went all Bill Alexander, what would you name your wildcat cartridge?”

Tyler Wiese: Exactly what I’d like to see. Audition songs for Reed to sing drunkenly....

Louie Bayer “How Reed likes his Grendel rifle build. Has he finished it?”

Policing Brass:

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