ARP 079 - Slings and Attachment Points


Welcome to Episode #079 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me today is J.W. Ramp.  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level. Brownells helps make this show possible.

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J.W. about choosing the right trigger.

Main Topic:

Slings (Brownells has 69 different slings for sale) Types

1 point 2 point 3 point Different purposes (TAB Biathlon sling) M1907 (Appleseed special) Materials Stretchy Padded Fireproof

Attachment Points Type Sling/bipod stud Strap slots QD, flushcup Hook Placement On stock Receiver end plate (ASAP plate, Noveske end plate) Built into rail Rail attachment

Usage of slings Hanging rifle for movement or other tasks Extra support for precision fire

Network Feedback:

Doug Hartley (Powerfactor Show):  I use Viking Tactics 2 point slings on my long guns.  I like them because they are easily adjustable for my needs and are robust and reasonably priced.

Ryan Cross:  Coitac single point- generally the bungee kind with the option to swap out the attachment point for clip, swivel stud, etc.

Nick (Practically Tactical):  Hi Reed,  I currently have the MagPul MS3 Multi-Mission sling for running in a single point configuration. I tend to prefer one point as I think it gives a free-er range of motion and makes using my hands for non-firearm moves better.

I am, however, starting to look into 2 point slings and learning how to use them more effectively (I think that is why many people use a 1-point sling), I think I will be buying the Way Of The Gun ( sling. Here is a video on it:

Good Luck on the show,

Savage1r:  I like 2 point slings, because that's what I'm used to having and it secures the rifle well. I recently got a 1 point sling for my AR to try out, and it's ok, I'm just not a fan of the rifle bouncing around and having to hold it with one hand.

Jeremy P:  Condor Combat Bungee sling, in it's two point configuration. Like it because when set up it falls in front and keeps the rifle at the ready but doesn't swing around as much like a one point sling does, and can also be adjusted for use with body armor.

Michael C.:  Reed,  For tactical or patrol....or for patroling the streets in Iraq or Afghanastain = Viking Tactical Sling  (   I wish there had been a padded verision when I used it. For Competition I like the Turner Leather sling with the numbers (  For an AR you need to use the 56", the standard military length of 48" is too short.  The 48 is for Garands and M1A / M-14. If you just want something neat to carry your rifle the paracord sling is kind of cool ( The Cobra Tactical BAT sling ( is kind of cool too, its based on the British Royal Commando sling used on the L85 rifle.  This sling allows you to put the rifle into backpack mode for climbing.  The one thing I don't like about the sling is you adjust it by reaching behind with your right hand.   Kind of hard to do if your shoulders are tight. Hope this helps.

Anthony M:  Hi Reed,  I'm a fan of the Magpul MS4 sling along with one of their stocks with a QD mount, ASP QD plate, and picatinny QD attachment. Its nice because it has the ability to be either a single or dual point sling with a quick reconfiguration of the push button QD mounts. Also the adjustment of the sling itself is fairly easy with the loop on the sling.

Sam A:  As far as slings go I only have one (i don't consider the tissue paper thing nylon sling the rifle came with a sling) sling. The Magpul MS3 It works great with the asap plate or any other one point anchor. the benefit in this sling is versatility in that it can be unhooked and utilized in a 2 point fashion. Im a big guy 6"7" 295 and its ergonomics leave something to be desired. it digs into my neck a bit.

Brad W.  here’s what i use for its versatility and ruggedness.  i like that i can quickly change from single point to two-point configuration in a couple seconds.  it's also super fast to adjust the tension in either config.


Steven R:  VTAC original, it is super adjustable on the fly so you can adjust it to your gear when shooting, then make shorter to sling on your back when you need both hands and your whole front of body free. Inexpensive too. Its awesome.

Nikki T:  Hello guys, Here is one of my favorites designed by Bill Rogers of the legendary Rogers Shooting School for SAFARILAND. It is one of my favorites for men and/or women. Easy to install, easy to use! I am also a fan of the VTAC 2 point sling: Have a great podcast!!


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