AR-15 Podcast 219 - Adam Kraut NFA

Welcome to Episode #219 of the AR15 Podcast. Adam Kraut Running for the NRA Board and Your NFA Questions

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What’s Up?

  1. Reed

  2. J.D.

  3. Adam

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Adam Kraut….

  1. Who he is and why he’s running.

  2. Change he wants to see from the NRA

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Zachary D: I know you've done several shows about acquiring NFA items, but don't think you've ever done one about what the rules are after you get your items. I envision this being similar to what a lawyer would provide to his client after drafting up a trust and the do's and don'ts for staying out of trouble.

Suggested topics include:

1. Traveling with your items;

2. federal laws, vs. state;

3. Do you really need to get permission from the ATF to transport across state lines?

4. How far ahead do you need to start planning if you do need ATF approval?

5. Does federal law trump state law when it comes to NFA items?
6. Loaning your items out - Is it ok to hand to the guy next to you at the range to let him try your silencer / SBR?

7. What about letting your wife or child use the item if they're not on your trust?

*****: What do you need to do to SBR an 80% lower

Joseph: If, hypothetically I have a trust that my wife doesn't know about right now and I add her later to the trust, what would she have to do to have access to the silencers or sbrs already owned in the trust?

Craig: What does it cost to set up a Gun Trust through them? Is it easy? How many people need to be on the trust?

Craig V: What's the difference between a single shot/Unlimited trust vs a NFA Gun Trust?(both of which Silencer shop offer)Also is there any difference in wait times for a SBR stamp vs a stamp for a can? Thanks again! You guys are my go-to source!