ARP 075 - Building an AR-15 to Give Away

Welcome to Episode #075 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me today are Anthony Hardy and J.W. Ramp.  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.  

Brownells helps make this show possible.

Don’t forget that Brownells is there for you anytime you make a mistake, like when Jake shoots a take down pin detent across his avocado green linoleum flooring and it skids under the cabinets.

Shop for AR-15 parts at Brownells.  Go to:

Tip of the Week:

How do you conceptualize the rifle you want to build?

1. Declare its purpose or your vision.

2. Work out a parts list.

3. Use technology like the AR15 Builder.

4. Acquire the parts.

5. Reassess the build.

Main Topic:

What parts are we using when building an AR-15 for our giveaway?

The Lower:

100-011-234 - Seekins Precision - SP223 Lower Receiver

080-000-606 - Colt - Lower Receiver Parts Kit

100-009-797 - ALG Defense - ACT AR-15 Trigger Set

080-000-627 - DPMS - Buttstock Mounting Kit, A2 Rifle

100-009-585 - Magpul - MOE Rifle Stock

100-009-904 - Bravo Company Mod-1 Gunfighter Grip

The Upper:

100-011-235 - Seekins Precision - SP223 Upper Receiver w/Forward Assist

160-000-208 - Colt - Barrel, 20” & Front Sight Assembly

078-000-175 - Brownells - M16 BOLT CARRIER GROUP

100-011-154 - Rainier Arms - Raptor Charging Handle

714-000-021 - Precision Reflex, Inc. - Gen III Delta Carbon Fiber Forearm

100-009-232 - Spikes Tactical - Dynacomp Extreme 5.56

The Accessories:

078-000-107 - Brownells - 30-Round Gray AR-15/M16 Magazine w/CS Spring

080-000-971 -  Brownells - EOTech CQB T-Dot Holographic Sight

100-003-317 - A.R.M.S., Inc. - 40L Flip Up Low Profile Rear Sight

416-106-101 - Harris - Bi-pod Adapter

416-005-101 - Harris - 1A2 Brm, 6-9” Bipod

Listener Feedback:

Chris S:  Hey guys.  Thanks for doing what you do.  I am a builder of AR-15's for personal collection and I have used much of your podcast as a guide for purchases and ideas.  I have recently tried to better understand feed ramps but I am having a lot of trouble finding real accurate information.  Could you please email me some information about feed ramps that could be critical to a rifles performance.  I have built 12 rifles in 2 years and I'm either very lucky that I haven't done anything wrong or it doesn't matter.  I usually use AIM Surplus, Daniel Defense, Adams Arms (Piston Rifles) or Spikes BCG's.  I like Daniel Defense, YHM or Spikes barrels and they all come with feed ramps installed.  Thanks a bunch.

Tim C: Hey! You all forgot the ARAK-21 by Faxon Firearms!

Wicked Burn:  During the last podcast, 074, I found J.W.'s use of the term "bolt" confusing.  You were discussing the ARES SCR and multiple times J.W. said that it needed a different "bolt".  I was looking at the description on the link provided on the show notes and it said the bolt is the same as a standard AR.  After looking at the picture of the gun it became blatantly obvious that the Bolt Carrier would need to be replaced because it did not have anywhere to recoil back into.  I then realized that J.W. was saying "bolt" when in fact he was talking about the "bolt carrier".  I love the podcast and I'm not trying to nit pick.  I am a stickler for terminology and specifics.  That is how I train my people and how I keep those customers new to the platform from being confused.  You may have also noticed my comment in the show notes from episode 073 to help with clarification of the "M4 vs. A2 upper" question.  I would not expect the host of the "newbie" show to know things like this.

David T. F.:  I remember the talk about the muzzle break that the ATF labeled a silencer I wanted one so after googling I found the weapon it came on and it's worth a mention.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Mike:Again great podcast.  Anthony did a fantastic job a few weeks back.  Now I'm into parts and pieces.  Can you talk hand guards, key mod, comps, buttstocks, slings.  I just picked up a houlding hand guard with the keymod. So far I like the finish.