AR-15 Podcast 170 - New Frontier Armory Giveaway



DW Taylor:  A few months back I had asked about your thoughts on the 6.5 Grendel. I had listened to past episodes that had touched on it, but episode 162 went into great details on the topic. Thanks for the very informative episode. Looks like that will be my next build.

Just to let you know, it isn't cheap to listen to your show. Since listening to the various topics, I've now milled 7 80% lowers, built an AR15 chambered for the 7.62x39, built an AK47, bought a night vision scope, made sure all my builds have iron sights, and now you guys keep talking about the AR 15 in 9mm...

So, should I stop listening or just buy another gun safe?

Keith S:  Long time listener (my review was read on episode 11... proof I've been around awhile).  I've been thinking of a competition between the show hosts. Each one builds a rifle from scratch... within a given budget.  Say you have $900 to spend or $1000... each week the host share what part they bought and cost and why... my assumption is that say week 1 - it's lower receivers... week 2 - lower parts kit ... week 3.. stocks.. etc. so that everyone is talking about the same part.  In the end each gun is submitted to a neutral party (I'll gladly fly out to Reed's house for a weekend of shooting). The winner gets bragging rights and the 3 rifles are awarded as prizes in a drawing... first place gets the rifle that the neutral party feels is best.. 2nd gets the 2nd best and 3rd gets the last one.... or maybe the winner keeps his rifle and the others are awarded in a drawing.

The rules... no parts that you already have.... must be purchased and costs kept track of so we can. Any tools that would be required to be purchased don't count towards the cost (just assume you borrowed them from a friend). I have a few twists/tricks that could throw the game around but it would be fun for you guys (and if I got to be the neutral party fun for me... but fun for me just to listen to as well).  I assume some will put money for the build aside for a scope, Reed wouldn't and would iron sights on.. etc... would be fun.  Everyone would have their own strategy on the build.  Anyway, it's something I've been kicking around for awhile and hopefully you can get Jake or a sponsor to kick in the money for it.  Enjoying the show for more than 3 years, keep up the good work... and get more range time when you can.

Semper Fi, Keith


ARP 006 - AR-15 Upper Receivers

In this week's episode of the AR-15 Podcast, Reed & Jake discuss the parts that make up an AR-15 upper receiver and review new listener feedback.

AR-15 Uppers

Cool Uppers

  • We will begin building ARs on the AR15 video blog soon. Stay tuned!

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Listener Feedback

  • RB: Looks forward to an episode about home defense.
  • Bob: If the new assault weapons ban includes no transferring of banned firearms, could a person put them in a gun trust so family members would inherit them?
  • Lane: Clarified his question about incomplete lowers and discussed three of the types of common lowers.

Wrap Up