ARP 024 - Welcome to the Apocalypse


Reed and Steve talk about AR-15 prepping, magazines and hit on the great 555/223 debate.

Welcome to episode #24 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m Reed Snyder with my special Co-host Steve, from Gun Guy Radio. This is THEE podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

The Network’s first theme week.  Prepping for the Apocalypse.

AR-15 Product of the Week:

M4 Maintenance Field Pack

Main Topic:Welcome to the Apocalypse

  • Keeping your black rifle running after the Apocalypse
  • Caliber choices for Armageddon
  • Considerations when stockpiling magazines for the Cataclysm
  • When all the batteries die after the Annihilation

How we are giving the AR-15 Build away

Updated Information for our Listeners

Ammunition Yaw and the Mk262 Mod 1

Listener Feedback:

John: I recently discovered your podcast and I think it's excellent. I was wondering if you guys have ever had the topic on your show about the controversial topic of firing 5.56 and .223? I understand that there is the same type of argument with 7.62 NATO and .308. I'm helping a friend with a build and this has become a big issue to him! It’s a very confusing subject and if you guys spoke of it I'm sure it would help many people understand what the real answer is.

Eric: AR-15 (First Build): Phase 5 Muzzle Brake,16" Mossberg 5.56  +1/7 Barrel, Areo Precision Upper Receiver, Advanced Tactical Solutions NiB BCG, BCM Gunfighter Mod4 Charging Handle, Red Jacket Lower Receiver, PSA LPK, Magpul CTR Buttstock, MOE Pistol Grip, Magpul AFG2, Magpul XTM Enhanced Rail Covers, Troy M4 Folding Battle Sights.

Glock 17: Polished Slide and Barrel and Pins, Extended Takedown Lever, Extended Slide Release, Maritime Spring Cups, TruGlo TFO Night Sights!

Myles:  Thank you Andrew!

I looked into north eastern arms and it looks like they don't just import to NZ, but what they import looks to be of much higher quality than the Bushmaster guns I had previously seen. They also don\'t look neutered excepting the lack of a collapsing stock and flashhider of course. But check out this little number.

Jake: Possible site for AR-15 parts...

Ronnie from Cincinnati: I really agree with the assessment that not enough attention has been paid to ammunition. I have listen to, read and watched a lot of NRA show coverage and little attention was focused there. Maybe you guys could get Federal, CCI, Winchester, etc. on the show to talk about the current state, future and innovation in that part of the industry. The regular shortages are what temper my enthusiasm for my guns. for new shooters, I feel really bad.

The other issue that makes sense to discuss has to do with your comments regarding innovation. Though I am fairly new to the AR field, I have learned that mil-spec is what everybody focuses on. Is that good? I think that is great, maybe for a combat rifle but I believe it could lead to a dumbing down of weapons, accessory and ammo innovation. With the traditional gun crowd, what percent would you expect would want the federal government to take the lead on anything? I understand that our military has to be the best but so is our Treasury Dept.-tons of smart people, and we have a great education system here in the states, but what of the Dept. of Education Also, the military sticks with the same stuff for inordinate periods of time due to the rigors, politics and money associated with the procurement system. Please consider having a Bravo Company or Colt person on with a non-milspec company like, I don't know Rock River to discuss. You mention that Adcor is innovative, bring them on to talk about it.

Anyway, I listen to all your episodes. Keep up the good work. I wear my Advanced Armaments tshirt regularly, thanks.

I look forward to meeting you next year in Indianapolis for my first NRA show. I already booked a room at the Hyatt.

Last question, did you see many African Americans enjoying the show? I am one and was just curious. It is no big deal because we are like everybody else, we are good guys and gals with guns too. In fact, I really like Mr Colion Noir's stuff on You tube.

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