ARP 109 Appleseed Interview with Tim Frey

Welcome to Episode #109 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Anthony Hardy and tonight I’m flying solo.  The wings are clipped and the bird’s out of the cage.  No one is holding me back tonight;)!  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level. Brownells helps make this show possible.

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Main Topic:

With us this evening is Tim Frey, part of the Applecore of Appleseed.

Question Outline:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. How did you get started in shooting?  What’s your “firearms story?”
  3. We’ve talked about Appleseed on the show some already, but for those who don’t listen to what I have to say (ha!), tell us what Appleseed is and why.
  4. What are the three strikes and why are they important?
  5. What’s the deal with the hats?
  6. There are different types of Appleseed events, tell our listeners about the differences?
  7. What is this Applecore stuff?
  8. Everytime I meet someone who is an Appleseed regular, they introduce themselves twice, once with their real name and then with their forum name.  What makes the forums so popular?


What to bring?

The AR-15 Giveaway Winner:

Hunter Carr


Thomas G: Thought I would share, some say not to advertise but for me I am not scared to let people know that I believe in Liberty and the 2nd.

FYI I work with French and worked in France many have told me they admire that America is fortunate to have the2nd Amendment.  As well as Mexican, Colombian and Argentina have told me the same.

BTW can you keep reminding people to Join and donate to SAF as well as NRA.  I have them on autopay this year as I made a goal to help more with the fight for the second.  I am a life member for GoA, NRA and SAF.    I encourage everyone to do the same.

Ken E: Gentlemen,  First and foremost, thank you for your time and dedication towards putting out a quality podcast each week.  I’ve been listening since the show’s inception and it remains my favorite podcast in my subscription list.  Coincidentally, I purchased my first lower receiver one month prior to the start of the show and slowly built my first rifle during the first year the show aired.  It was fun to listen to the progress of the first giveaway build as I researched and built my first.  Being a long-time shooter and having served as a U.S. Marine, I’ve long had the interest in and hands on experience with firearms, but am now just understanding the joy that comes with being a builder.  My first build was a 5.56 Carbine and for my second I am looking into a .308.  Problem is that there simply are not as many parts offerings as I had hoped for.  Many vendors have jumped into the market in the last couple of years with their upper/lower assemblies, or complete rifles, but fewer of them are actually offering parts a la carte for us that want to build it ourselves.  I suspect 2015 will be a good year for .308 and was wondering if you might keep an eye out for new .308 goodies at Shot Show.  Much appreciated and keep up the good work!

Semper Fi,

Ken, San Diego

Here is my first build…

JD Machine Upper and Lower Receivers

Daniel Defense 14.5” 5.56mm Carbine,1:7, LW Profile

Battle Camp 1.5 Muzzle Device

VLTOR Gas Block

Geissele 13" SMR MK4 Rail

Magpul MIAD Grip & Trigger Guard

Magpul STR Stock

BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Mod 4 (Med Latch)

WMD NIBX Bolt Carrier Group

JP Carbine Tuned/Ex Power Buffer Spring

RRA Carbine Buffer

PWS Enhanced Mil-Spec Buffer Tube

Geissele SSA (2-stage) Trigger

Troy folding Battlesights

Surefire M300 Mini Scout Light (not shown)

Joe C: Hey guys, enjoy listening to your podcast, since I can listen all day at work. Being in the aerospace industry myself I really enjoy listening to your mega arms interviews, which brings me to my point. Being married I only have one gun, and that is a handgun which I bought before we were married. I was listening to your podcast one day and she asked me what I was doing, well long story short, she agreed to let me build my own rifle. I am currently saving my money for a mega arms maten in .308 and plan on using one of their barrels too. The two things I have already bought are the Geissele reaction rod and an AXTS ambi charging handle. My other parts are going to be lots of things you have talked about (I.e. Battle arms development combat ambi safety, Geissele ssa two stage trigger, magpul furniture), and one I haven't heard you talk about, the Leitner Wise .308 bolt group carrier with the Carbonite finish which is like black nitride but harder (off the Rockwell scale).

Would be interested in hearing an interview with the owner (Paul Leitner) sometime. Thanks again for the inspiration and I will send pics as it comes along.

J.D. S:  Pretty cool... but $129 MSRP... ouch:  MagPul PMag D60


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