AR- 15 Podcast - Loose Rounds- Stipulations

Welcome episode 5 of “Loose Rounds!”  Michael and I give our thoughts about what aspects of the gun debate should be stipulated.

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Factual Stipulations

Is the constitution the undergirding of all legitimate law?

Is the SCOTUS the supreme arbiter of what the law is, absent clarity in written law?

Is the 2A a fundamental civil right?

Do guns kill or fire absent human intervention (excluding catastrophic failures)?

Is a semi-automatic different than an automatic firearm?

Are long guns used to murder a statistically insignificant number of people annually?

Are handguns used over 30x more frequently to commit murder?

Are automatic weapons regulated under the NFA, 1968/86 laws—thus rendering them out of reach for all but the most dedicated and well funded collectors?

Was the deadliest school shooting committed with a handgun?

Do campaign finance laws regulate all political donations, regardless of source?

Are background checks required for every single dealer transaction, regardless of where the transaction occurs?

Do cosmetic features affect the lethality of a firearm?

Are licensed carriers responsible for a significant number of shootings?

Is an AR15 a high caliber or high powered rifle?

Philosophical Stipulations

Thin veneer of civilization.

Is there an inherent right to self defense?

Is it morally sound to hold your own life in greater esteem than the life of someone who would harm you?

Does a right need to be justified to have or exercise it?

Are all rights equal?

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