AR-15 Podcast - Builders Series- Where to Begin

Welcome to another episode of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode, by popular request, we begin our newest builders series.

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What’s Up?

  1. Reed

  2. JD

Where To Begin

  1. What are you building and why

    1. Why it matters

    2. Intended use

    3. Deal breakers

    4. Budget

  2. Gathering parts

    1. Where to buy

    2. Dealing with an FFL

    3. Brick and Mortar vs. Internet

  3. Tools for the build

    1. Armorers wrench

    2. Receiver block/Reaction rod

    3. Torque wrench

    4. Roll pin punches

    5. Roll pin starter

    6. Brass hammer

    7. Vice

  4. Supplies for the build

    1. Tape

    2. Loctite

    3. Grease

    4. Anti-Seize

    5. Brake cleaner

  5. Custom Tools

    1. Front Sight Bench Block

    2. Carrier Key Staking Tool

    3. Bolt Ejector Tool

    4. Gas Tube Wrench

    5. Pivot Pin Detent Installation Tool

    6. Handguard Alignment Tool

    7. Gas Block Dimple Jig

  6. Considerations before building

    1. Clean work space

    2. Protecting the lower

    3. Preparation and patience

    4. Talk with people who know