AR-15 Podcast - Builders Series- Assembling the Lower Receiver

Welcome to another episode of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode, by popular request, we continue our newest builders series. This week we focus on making sure you have all the parts you need and discuss some of the considerations when selecting them.

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Assembling the Lower Receiver

  1. Considerations

    1. Materials

    2. Aesthetics

    3. Construction

    4. Machining

  2. Preparing the lower

    1. Deburring

    2. Inspecting

    3. Cleaning

  3. Installing the lower parts kit

    1. Is there an order?

    2. Protecting the lower

    3. Interesting solutions and shortcuts

  4. Installing the stock and grip

    1. Fixed vs Adjustable

    2. Buffer extension

    3. Buffer

    4. Buffer Springs



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