AR-15 Podcast - Animal House, Catching up with the Guys

Welcome to another edition of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode we sit down and catch up after a busy few months.


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Alan G: Hello Gentleman, let me start by saying that you guys are AWESOME, I love the podcast and very happy to have found you. I have listened to at least 100 episodes to my wife's dismay. Since listening to you guys I have a new desire to collect ar15 lowers but not to buy backup iron sights(sorry Reed). I'm starting my first build and have a question. I bought a 20 inch barrel (223 wylde) rifle length gas tube does that mean I need a rifle length buffer tube/stock for it to work properly? or I can get away with carbine length stocks? Also, which would you recommend JP enterprises BCG, or the Sharps? I plan on buying the JP silent Capture Buffer tube as I have heard great things about it. Thanks in advance for your help and keep up the great work.

Wayne F: Have been a listener for a while and really enjoy the podcast. As far as topics I'd like to hear a retro themed episode. I know its a niche even in the AR community but it is obviously growing given that Brownells has released its own line of rifles and has reportedly a coming line of LPKs in “Colt Grey." I would imagine an interview with John Thomas of Retro Arms Works could take up more than a single episode. Anyway look forward to each episode.


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