AR-15 Podcast - Aero Returns

Welcome to another edition of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode we sit down with Chad Larsen of Aero Precision.

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What’s Up?

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Who is Chad?


Listener Questions

Jason (Supporter) - Oh I really like them I have a couple of their lowers and uppers waiting become rifles. Are they going to do anything California compliant or do they have any new accessories on the Horizon that they can talk about. Anything for 6.5 or 7mm in the future

Tim - Can J.D. at least not make drooling sounds while talking to them. It's extremely distracting. 😂

Tyler - How do they manage to keep quality so high and price so reasonable?
Bobby - Why haven't I been chosen to win the monthly rifle giveaway yet?

Matthew - What started the monthly build sets and how many different variants have there been?

Thurmon - Do they have any plans on getting into the 9mm or other PCC variants anytime soon?
Dave - Aero sells an upper that doesn't use the standard barrel nut. It takes a special handguard. I wonder what the advantage of that design is over the mil-spec one (which they also offer).

Charlie - Pls talk about the differences/ advantages of the new M4E1 lower/upper. (Bought a cyber Monday special.) What type of build would it be most suitable for? ie: Better suited supporting a heavier barrel or a larger caliber? Help me, I've bought another lower, and I can't get an upper.