AR-15 Podcast 230 - Ballistic Advantage

Welcome to another episode of the AR15 Podcast.  Ballistic Advantage joins us on this podcast to talk barrels.

Main Topic:

Tyler - I have one of their 11.5" mid length barrels. Would they recommend an adjustable gas block if I end up going the suppressor route, or would I be OK doing a normal gas block. Gas blow back is main concern.

Austin - I have an assembled upper and 14.5" 300 blackout barrel from them waiting to be put together. Why should I pick their bolt carrier group?

John - 20” rifle gas hanson profile 223 Wylde barrel. Are they coming out with one or should I just get the fluted 223. Thx

Waccamaw Scout - 20" DMR in 6.5 grendel, any input from shooters about accuracy and what range at they shooting them at?

John - I know they make 5.45 barrels. Any plans to follow in Faxon's footsteps and make AK barrels? (I know that's not AR related, but I'm curious)

Chad - In their opinion, what is the best type/style of rifling?


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