AR-15 Podcast 229 - Aimpoint

Welcome to Episode 229 of the AR15 Podcast.  John Enloe from  Aimpoint is joining us tonight.

Weekly Update:




Main Topic:

Who is John

History of Aimpoint


Ben: Any plans for a small reflex type sight like the RMR?
Rick: Will price point on Patrol optic continue to go down or a more budget friendly red dot for rifles on the way

Charlie: Any tips on maintenance? Things NOT to do (hot car, Hoppe's, etc...) Are they coming out with a green PRO? I like my Pro - but I've also used a friends green dot (Trijicon?) which is really nice for low light. Any tips for aging eyes?

Chris: With the popularity of clone/retro rifles any plans on reintroducing a "Legacy Line" of optics such as the Aimpoint 5000 or 3000?


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