AR-15 Podcast 222 - Our Thoughts on Las Vegas

Welcome to Episode #222 of the AR15 Podcast.  Tonight we talk about what happened in Las Vegas.

Hey guys… I appreciate you all. I’m heading to bed soon and snuggling my Lowers. Have a good show gentlemen and the Asian guy. - JD

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What’s Up?

  1. Reed

  2. Anthony

  3. Mike

Main Topic:

Being in the Moment

Whats going?

How’s everyone going to react?

Crowd vs Shooter

Bystander Effect

What to do?


Situational Awareness

Foreseeability of an Event


Foreseeable Consequences

Timothy McVei

Twin Towers

Bump Fire stocks

Knife attacks

Media/Political Response

The Balance of Interests

Do we give up our freedoms to have absolute assurance of safety

Do we accept risk and tragedy to have absolute assurance of freedom