AR-15 Podcast 208 - NRA 2017

Welcome to Episode #208 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode JD and Reed talk about NRA 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Clear the Air:

1. Reed:  

2. JD:  STP Stratus Support Systems

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Main Topic:

NRA 2017

What’s new with firearms:

Integrally Suppressed Ruger 10/22 takedown barrel

Adaptive Tactical Shockwave Sidewinder

Zenith Z-5RS SB Classic

Daniel Defense DDWAVE 3D Printed Suppressor

                 Heckler & Koch Announces New Subcompact VP9SK

President Trump speaks

Illinois Legislative Scandal SB 1567

Adam Kraut

Carry Guard

NRA 2018

Dallas, TX


Zephyr R: Just started listening. Heard three so far. Always riding the old guy is getting old. It was funny at first, but you do it every show. Show some more respect for the old guy and his iron sights etc.

Tony S: I've been listening to the podcast for a few months now but haven't seen a new one in over a couple of weeks. Hope all is well.  Looking forward to hearing  from you guys soon.

Nathan J: I recently finished building a 6.5 Grendel and am now fine tuning some of the parts. I have a 24" barrel and installed an SLR Rifleworks adjustable gas block to help tune the gun to the specific loads to prevent over gassing and to create a better shooting experience (reduced recoil, etc.).


I have always been interested in the JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring because I hate the twang of the standard buffer spring as well as other benefits it provides (smoother action, reduced recoil, etc). Based on my current setup JP Enterprises recommends that I purchase the H2 version for my rifle, but I am wondering how much of a difference this spring will make (especially considering the price) when used in conjunction with the adjustable gas block. There are obviously some benefits that it still provides such as a smoother action, but the adjustable gas block should help resolve any bolt bounce due to over gassing. I know that my question is subjective, but in your opinion is the smoother action and twang elimination worth the $200, or should I focus my funds and energy elsewhere?

Martin S: I am actually starting my first build. I have a DDV7 and a Midwest Industries Pistol, but 556. I bought my barrel for the build from Ballistic Advantage (TY JD.) It's an 8.3" Premium 300 BLK. I am applying for the SBR. My question is about handguard. Two questions. I am thinking of hiding much of the muzzle device in the handguard. Probably a cone type linear comp). Do you see a real downside to having a 8 or 10 inch handguard on an 8.3 inch barrel?

Second question--I am dabbling with the idea of getting a suppressor. Should I go with a wider hand guard so the suppressor could go in that handguard? I love the Midwest, thin hand guard. 1.5'OD. Lovely to hold (and iron sights mount great). They make a bigger one to accommodate suppressors. Just looking for second opinions. Thanks!!


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