AR-15 Podcast 205 – Off-Road Podcast Visit

Welcome to Episode #205 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re joined by Aaron of the Off-Road Podcast to discuss ARs and Off-Roading.

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Clear the Air -

Reed - 1916 Spanish Mauser

JD - Saker - Glock 19 - NFA AR Lowers and AR10 Lowers
Anthony - Buying parts and reloading
Aaron -Went to a 4X4 Swap Meet

Main Topic:

Hey, I'm Aaron, a host on the Off Road Podcast for the past year. I was wondering if I could come on your show to talk AR15s, lowers, & iron sights.  I recently built my 1st AR15 followed up quickly by a 2nd. Both are very unique (see attached).

Also, our most recent episode was about firearms and rigs and general gun safety. It would be the episode I would mention. I've been around firearms my whole life. I also share many of the same views you guys do about ARs, and other things. I'd like to also talk about an upcoming AR build (SBR) I am planning. I've got some newb questions to ask about optics and filing for an SBR with the Govt., something I don't think I heard covered in your latest episode about SBRs.

I've been listening to your podcast for quite a while know and have been listening to other podcasts on the FRN for the past 3 years. I think I could make a great addition to your podcast for an episode.

Thanks for your consideration.

Aaron Samuelson

Twang Buster


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