AR-15 Podcast 195 - Buying or Building Your First AR

Welcome to Episode #195 of the AR15 Podcast. This week we’re ramping up for SHOT show and talking about things to look for when buying or building your first AR.

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Main Topic:  

  1. What does milled, stamped, billet, forged etc mean for receivers- and does it really matter?

  2. What parts are “crucial” to spend to spend money on vs being cool-guy gear? IE Spend on trigger? Hand guard ok to skimp on? Does a quality buffer assembly matter or are they all the same?

  3. How does gas system length affect your rifle? How will I know what I should get?


Jeff - You guys might have already had an episode on this but can you have on on hand guards. The current trends and some of the exceptional companies that are out there for each price point.

Tim - Get the guys from Joe Bob Outfitters back on to talk about the Savage Arms MSR15/10! They're the only place I've seen with either one for sale. Would love to hear some insight from them on the rifle, as well as anybody from Savage willing to come on and talk about it.