AR-15 Podcast 194 - Who The Heck is Michael?

Welcome to Episode #194 of the AR15 Podcast. It’s the day after Christmas!

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Main Topic:  

Who The Heck is Michael?



Justin: 300 blackout powder.  I heard reed talking about getting some brass to reload from a sponsor and I was wondering which powder he prefers for supersonic and subsonic.

D. Sure enjoy the podcast. Was wondering if you meant the episode numbers on the website jumping from 188 to 193. Did we miss a few?

Big Al in Nevada:  Hi all, I've been enjoying the podcast for about a year, and have dug through some of the older podcasts. And I have a few questions.

1) What are your opinions on "dissipator" rifles? My youngest (who has great vision) is interested in an irons only rifle. I've considered building one for him. I'm thinking more of a fake dissipator with mid-length gas.

2) Next, I'm building a 6.5 grendel for target and hunting. I was considering a Luth-AR MBA-3. I know it is not a great idea to use a collapsible stock for target shooting. But any way to help fit this into my Jeep would help.

3) I haven't heard you guys say anything about the Boyd's wood furniture for ARs. I know it adds weight, but they look cool. Maybe these would get JD to build some of those imprisoned lowers he has locked up.

Thanks for reading, keep up the good work