AR-15 Podcast 192 - The Springfield Saint

Welcome to Episode #192 of the AR15 Podcast. Tonight we have a team on to discuss the new Springfield Armory Saint AR-15.

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Main Topic:  The Springfield Armory Saint

Introduction -

                 Stefany Reese - Springfield Rep

                 Alex -
                 Katelyn -
                 Rocky -
                 Tracy -
                 Holly  -

Why Now?

Any concern brought on by the election?

Defend your legacy, can you spell that out?

Why team up with Springfield?

The reception..


Chris B.:  Thank you for the podcast and the work.

I am going to play devil's advocate and posit that none, I mean zero of the electoral outcomes you suggest will actually happen and you have ignored the most likely of all outcomes.

A Trump victory is not only unlikely, but impossible since the educated voter base in the large cities in the states that matter will not vote for him when the time comes. I feel like you are pandering to this particularly conservative audience by giving that outcome teeth on the air.

The most likely outcome is that Clinton is elected, and then indicted, and then impeached, leaving Kaine and an uncomfortably liberal cabinet in charge of a long political stalemate and longer legal battle.

In this scenario, to which all the current evidence points, 2A issues will be the least pressing of our problems when Islam, China, Korea, and Russia smell economic and tribal blood.

Chris, I think Christmas came early this year.


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