AR-15 Podcast 180 - Patriot Magazine Release

Welcome to Episode #180 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re joined by Darin Prince from to discuss their new Patriot Magazine Release.

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Main Topic:  Patriot Magazine Release (Bullet Button Reloaded)

Brief description of the Bullet Button Reloaded

History of Bullet Button .Com


Before the Bullet Button

Patriot Magazine Release Compliance Device

Old Laws


New Laws

Future of ARs in CA

What will be the biggest difference in the industry that we will see in one year?


Casey - Adams Arms has a barrel that they list is 223/5.56 it is 14.5 inch is it able to shoot both rounds? How do I know which caliber this is chambered for.

TheGunnyRet - Gentlemen, I work in Saudi Arabia and your PODCAST keeps my sanity and helps me spend my hard earned money… Recently listening to the Suppressor broadcast, you have now convinced me to go forward with a purchase and also build a SBR or two to attach it to...The Show is Great with all of it information twists....being a retired Marine GySgt I appreciated Reed's passion for Iron Sights but also JD's for spending money on parts
I would like to know more about "The Other Calibers build" in the AR Platform...6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoore, 300 WM, 260 Rem, 270 Rem, 458 SOCOM, 375 SOCOM, 5.7, etc...
Also on the Home protection Podcast with the Red Dot at close Range if you move the Dot up your round moves down...if you move the Dot Down the Round Moves up...note this is in reference to CLOSE RANGE within that 15 ft or 5m range. Just like on the old "Iron" Front Sight Post on an AR "Screw it Down" Round goes's all about the angles… Keep up the good work Great Show...OORAH!! Marine Corps...

Jeff - Hey guys, New to the podcast and trying to listen sequentially. I cannot find episode 1-10 on stitcher and it seems the iTunes thing is the same way. I enjoy the podcast, but as a noob who hasn't built a rifle yet, I'm hungry for the basics.. where in the hell are episodes 1-10 hiding? Under Reed's hello Kitty coffee mug? Go easy on me, I'm a recent convert from the good old dirty dirty Soviet bloc style rifles.
Reed, I heard someone's feedback that you are boring and I just wanted to say that your voice is impossibly smooth... In fact I think your new name should be Barret Magpulo (get it snowflake? Barry Manilow) five stars when I figure out howto get iTunes working.

Reed (yes, there are two of us) - Hey guys, Just found out about your podcast a few weeks ago and I've been listening to a lot of your old episodes while building my first AR-15.  The info you guys have provided has been really useful and interesting.
I recently came across an accessory I'd never seen or heard of before so32. I wanted to get your opinion on it.  Do any of you use a dehumidifier rod (or any other dehumidifier device) for your gun safe?  It had never occurred to me that something like this might be a good idea.  It's probably not a big deal for people who live out west, but in the southeast and where I live in eastern PA, the summers can get unbearably humid and I had never considered how that might affect my weapon in storage.  Do you guys think these would be a worthwhile purchase or is humidity not really a huge risk to you weapons if you're storing them indoors?
Thanks and keep up the good work,
P.S. As someone who served 4 years active duty as an infantryman with the 101st Airborne Division, I completely side with Reed when it comes to the topic of back up iron sights.  With my build, the BUIS were the first accessory I added before even considering what kind of glass I want to get.  In my opinion they are an absolute necessity.  Anyone who only uses optics on their rifle is setting themselves up for failure.

Guy - it seems like Aero does not have the 308 actively on their web site. Have you noticed that there are some disappointed comments on facebook about the company.  Thanks


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