AR-15 Podcast 179 - JP Enterprises

Welcome to Episode #179 of the AR15 Podcast. John Paul of JP Enterprises

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Main Topic: JP Enterprises  

  1. Beginning of JP Enterprises  
  2. What are you Flag Ship Products?
  3. JP Custom Buffer Springs and Silent Captured Springs

Question for Shop Owners.

What will be the biggest difference in the industry that we will see in one year?


Jason - Been listening to the AR-15 Podcast for about a year now. You have one of the best show that i believes represents the people who like the black rifle. I have learned a lot from you guys over the year which has inspired me to build four rifles and take a stronger stance on the 2nd amendment. thanks for all you do, Jason from the socialist state of California.

Mike - Thanks for addressing my question on the effect of shortening the barrel of the 223/5.56. It helped set in motion spending WAY too much time reading articles and charts, using ballistic calculators, and watching videos I probably won't remember two months from now. Ha
When I called it an "intermediate cartridge" I was referring to terminal ballistics, comparing it to e.g., a 9mm or 30-06, or its effectiveness on a fox or grizzly.
While a 10" barrel may not be the best bang for your buck, it's still better than a pistol caliber, or a baseball bat.
Keep up the good work.

Carl - Dang it! I'm addicted! One complete build, one in progress and thinking of a third and fourth. That'll make my fifth AR. I was cool for 34 years until I started listening to your Podcast. In 1982 I bought a Colt SP1 AR-15 and have quietly owned it until now. All is changed. Truthfully I don't see it stopping until I have at least five...
Carried M-16s and a GAU-5a (XM177) in the USAF so I know my black rifle...
Great podcast by the way!

Charlie - Umm, like, y' guys have an outstanding podcast; notwithstanding the grammar nazis.
I've been listening for about a year, and your information and lessons learned have given me the confidence to make all sorts of AR mods and builds. Now, I'm embarking on a DMRish built from the ground up. So, your recent 'cast on preferred equipment was spot on.
Keep on doing what you're doing. However, you guys might want to back off the pre-show ethanol, lest you make the lime green shag carpet even more hideous. ;)
And see if you could jump-start the AK-47 'cast.


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