AR-15 Podcast 175 - Silencer Shop

Welcome to Episode #175 of the AR15 Podcast. Jeremy from Silencer Shop joins us to discuss Thermonuclear Dynamics… and New ATF Rules - July 12th 2016 ( 2,000,000 in Tax Stamps ) SID Kiosk and more.

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Otis Technology


Markey Bill Would Ban Kids From Firing Machine Guns, Assault Weapons

What We’ve Been Up To:

Reed -

Jeremy -

J.D.  -

Main Topic- Silencer Shop Interview

  • History of Silencer Shop

  • ATF 41F

  1. Public's reaction

  2. What it means to the Suppressor Industry.

  3. What it means for the consumer.

  4. Silencer Shop’s Plan.

  5. SID Kiosk


Phillip - What to they think the wait time will be now, post 7/13?