AR-15 Podcast 173 - This is How We Roll Our Own

Welcome to Episode #173 of the AR15 Podcast. This week we talk about some of the parts and companies we like having on our personal rifles.

Shout Out: Aero Precision and Otis Technology

What We’ve Been Up To:

Reed - Fitting in at the new gig and missing my morning range time

J.D. - Mr. Noodles

Anthony - Still moving

Chris - Just kicking it

Main Topic:  

We are going to break down every part of the rifle.


  • Aero
  • Mega
  • BAD
  • Daniel Defense
  • J.D. Machine
  • PSA
  • RTT
  • Spikes
  • LMT- MARS Lower
  • Stag?


  • Daniel Defense
  • MegaArms
  • FN
  • Ballistic Advantage
  • Yankee Hill
  • Chris uses Craddock Precision - on all builds
  • Faxon


  • CMC Trigger
  • Geissele Triggers
  • PSA
  • The Wisconsin Trigger Company, INC
  • Rock River
  • ALG


  • Brownells
  • CMMG
  • DPMS
  • PSA
  • Rock River


  • PSA
  • Bravo Company
  • Brownells
  • Rainier Arms

Gas Block

  • Low profile (.750”)
  • Ultra Low Profile (.625”)
  • Heavyweight (.936”)
  • Midweight (.875”)


  • Spikes
  • PWS
  • Brownells
  • Bravo Company
  • JP Silent Capture
  • Tubb Precision Buffer Spring


  • B5 SOPMOD/ Bravo
  • Magpul CTR
  • Magpul PRS
  • Magpul MOE
  • BAD - Saber - Vert
  • Luth-AR


  • Midwest Industries G3 Lightweight Keymod Rail
  • ALG Defense
  • Geissele - Price drop
  • Yankee Hill Machine
  • Knights Armament
  • Brigand Arms - Carbon fiber
  • Precision Reflex Inc.


Sean K.  Oh my gosh. You guys say "you know" "um" "so" more than any other podcast (apparently Sean has listened to all 150,000 of them). I thought there was a level of professionalism when I started listening to episode 172 (I thought I was supposed to be paid to be considered a professional) but that quickly left my thoughts when Reed started talking and said "you know" 10 times (exactly) in just a few minutes (exactly how many minutes is a few). It was almost to (too) difficult to listen to (dangling participle). All the great information you guys share is lost with the filler (apparently we used filler enough to drown out 77 minutes of a show) and "you know" crap thrown in.

Spencer:  Hey guys, great show as always... but I was hoping Reed would mention where he found an A1 rear sight assembly for his retro upper.

I have exactly the same upper/lower set from Brownells, and it never really occurred to me that this part would be a sticking point. Is it possible to use the A2 parts in an A1 upper? I know it wouldn’t be correct, but I could live with that in my build.

Also, for the listener who wanted a reasonably priced suppressor to use for home defense, they should check out the Griffin Spartan 3. Its MSRP is $550, and it’s available for under $500 most places, so the cost is reasonable.

More importantly, it’s a direct-thread device that is intended to be pinned and welded onto a 10.5” barrel to make a non-NFA 16” barrel length.

This gives you the absolute shortest suppressed system you can get without an SBR stamp, and Griffin makes excellent suppressors that routinely outperform other 5.56 cans (The Military Arms Channel did a great review showing this).

This is how I plan on building a dedicated home defense AR that won’t leave me permanently deaf if, God forbid, I ever have to use it.

Rob:  Hi, Just saw an interesting Outdoor Channel show (Shooting Gallery 5/23/16) on owning silencers. Guest Jeremy Mallette was from The Silencer Shop (Austin TX.) and covered how to one stop shop a silencer. Would love to have someone on from The Silencer Shop. Thanks


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