AR-15 Podcast 172 - Catching up with the Guys

Welcome to Episode #172 of the AR15 Podcast. Catching up with the Guys.

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Intro - Chris

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M16-A1 Clone



Sam G:‎  I'm interested, but new to the idea of buying an AR 15. Wanted one for quite some time. Just wondering what you guys would suggest for a gun that's extremely compatible with attachments, and isn’t going to drain my bank account.

Jeff S:  Here we go again. How expensive do you think everything is going to get.

Bryan C:  Reed… Use a front sight for a hood ornament.
Jim R:  Suppressors for home defense ar's. On a budget lol. Still looking for the perfect home defense gun. What sights or laser for home defense. Also, update us on the new regulations for getting tax stamps for an sbr. Trust or no trust. I have 3 daughters that I would have in a trust if I get one. Thanks. Love the show. You guys are awesome!
Mike C:  I have been listening for a few months now, catching up on the archived episodes as well. I am a trucker and I have a lot of time to listen. I have an issue with the apparent fascination with short barreled .223/5.56 rifles. I have an AK pistol in .223 just for fun, but I don't think further hampering an already intermediate cartridge by going shorter than 16-18" is a great option. Loss of velocity is a negative in my opinion. Thoughts?