AR-15 Podcast 167 - Listener Roundtable

Welcome to Episode #167 of the AR15 Podcast. In this episode we are talking about things topical and technical with some of our listeners.

Network News:

NRA Show Listener Meet Up

Where:    Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe

When:    Saturday May 21st at 7pm.

Jake tells us “If they can say "Amberdextrious" as well as I can I'll buy them a drink.”

What’s going on with us?

Reed - Setting up my Aero based .308 with a new scope.

J.D. - Range day.

Giveaway: New Frontier Armory 9mm Carbine

Main Topic:

Listener Roundtable

  1. Why has the AR market exploded in recent years and will it go away anytime soon?

  2. Matched upper/lower combos... Pros? Any Cons?

  3. NFA Trust Changes with Rule 41f (which takes place July 13, 2016).

  4. Purpose built AR’s, do you have one and why?

  5. Is a suppressed short barreled AR chambered in .300 Blackout emerging as the best all-around AR for hunting and home defense?

  6. Is the AR a good platform for beginners?


Austin L:  Hey guys, I was glad to hear you get into the pistol AR topic for the first time since I began listening long ago.  AS of late I have been at the end of a long and arduous research phase and now into the building of my own first AR pistol. I, like you had a number of reasons why the idea didn’t make much sense and had decided it just wasn’t for me. However, as I am not discriminant of my love of boom sticks I took up an offer to shoot my boss’s 7.5” pistol AR.  Earlier this year he had heard me explaining the huge benefits of the 7.62x39 rifle and how the ballistics are much better than .223 for hunting, and far exceed .223 when shortening the barrel (7.62x39 out of 7.5” barrel choreographed muzzle @2000 fps). Having heard my rant he took my views to internet and ordered the parts to build it. After shooting it I can say that holding the buffer on my cheek was far less uncomfortable than I had predicted, and through quick follow ups and target transition I found it to be a blast to shoot. His Vortex Sparc had no trouble hitting our 12” steel at 100 yards, and hitting it again before it stopped swinging was no challenge. The only downside was the concussion of the short barrel, which I am fixing with the 10.5” barrel and 30 cal suppressor on mine.

In the end my decision was that I wanted a gun to keep in the trunk, as a fall back/coyote in the drive gun but Kansas law only allows for loaded concealed pistols, not rifles.  So doing my best to stay in the realms of legality I opted for a pistol AR, especially after shooting one broke all my logic for not owning one. So my question is, have you both shot a pistol AR? If so was that experience the reason you hate my newest addition to the AR family? And what are your thoughts on a trunk gun that would be better than a pistol AR?

Love the show and keep up the work

Tom G:  Gents, OMG WTF were you thinking.  Have you joined the Anti Gunners! Just kidding,  I have only considered AR pistols as a stop over while you wait for you tax stamp.  I also use an AR pistol as a truck gun since you can cross state lines without notification.  Of course destination and route travelling to the state also determines whether I bring it there too.