AR-15 Podcast 164 - AR 15 Pistols

Welcome to Episode #164 of the AR15 Podcast. In this episode we talk about all things “AR Pistol”


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NRA Show Listener Meet Up

Where:    Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe

When:    Saturday May 21st at 7pm.

Jake tells us “If they can say "Amberdextrious" as well as I can I'll buy them a drink.”


What’s going on with us?


Reed - Busy during tax season.

J.D. - Range day.

Giveaway: New Frontier Armory 9mm Carbine


Main Topic:


The AR-15 Pistol

1.    What’s the difference?

A firearm built from inception to be a Pistol

Based on the same components you’re already familiar with

AR Receivers

AR lower parts kits

AR Handguards

AR Bolts

Buffer tubes and barrels are usually different

Flexibility is limited in a number of unique ways

2.    What’s the point?

Rifle power in a compact size

Near NFA utility without the cost

Use in a PDW capacity

For those that can’t SBR

A few manufacturers have been able to eliminate the buffer tube.

3.    Where Does it fit In?

Compact Truck Gun

Substitute/Transition SBR

Can go from pistol to rifle and back

Some of the perks without the NFA burden

That final accessory for your Ninja setup

4.    What do I need to consider?

NFA considerations are still relevant

Thumbing your nose at the “Man” rarely ends well

Your money is tied up in this build, so you need to want this

Practicality vs. Novelty




Jody T:  So the story came out last year about a young soldier dying of a massive erection because he was so excited about shooting a 50 cal machine gun. (True story, poor guy) Has Reed ever got that excited, well almost that excited, while shooting a particular gun and if so what gun? 😎

LCR:  Heard your discussion about the changes to the Marine Corps shooting program.  Part of the misunderstanding I see when this is discussed is the Marine Corps time, aka the Marine Corps Enquirer mashed together multiple years' worth of Marksmanship Symposiums and quite a bit of conjecture.  During the M16A4/M4 PIP there was a proposal to field a new Upper Receiver Group (URG) with a free floating rail and without a fixed front site.   Currently that is on hold because of costs and the current initiative to equip all re-equip all infantry and infantry-like units with only M4s.

Since 2008 all of our new guns did not come with carrying handles, they came with a BUIS initially made by Matech. In 2010 the Marine Corps started buying KAC 600m BUIS, there were problems with its fielding because it did not come with a body of doctrine to support a BUIS, so many of them walked off over the years.

In 2012 the Marine Corps decided to only use the RCO in the entry level pipeline, this was based on numerous studies and feedback from the field that Marines could not shoot with RCOs all that well and most did not understand them.  This was tied to 1) the optical sited weapon is the primary means of using it, if using irons the weapon is in a degraded mode of operations 2) most Marine learn to shoot in the Marines 3) all their initial training was on the irons 4) because of the rule of primacy, they understood irons 5) it takes 2-3 times longer to retraining to a new item (deprogram) as it did for their initial training.  So why spend the two total weeks of training on the degraded mode of operation when most shooters will never get the time required to retrain them for their primary means of shooting the weapon?  What finely really killed the irons at recruit training was after they studied recruits and lTS at TBS and demonstrated that all RCO training shooters could still qualify with back up iron sights

Ian N:  Hello Men, I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoy listening to the podcast the last few months.  I wish I would have known about the show sooner, but am working hard to catch up on past episodes.  I got back into shooting three years ago and the AR platform quickly became my top priority.  One off the shelf purchase and three builds later, I show no sign of slowing.  I regret the almost five year break I took from shooting after the military.  I just wanted to tell you guys to keep up the good work, and I appreciate the product that you put out each week.