AR-15 Podcast 158 - Shooting the $#*%

Welcome to Episode #158 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re just going to talk.


Main Topic:

Range Trips

J.W.’s monthly 3-gun

In the news

Guns on FB


Hunting for a discontinued part

Reed - Looking for a trigger

Product drops

Haley sling - J.W. just used for first time

KAK Value Line - 9mm barrels

Brownells - Aero Precision AC-15 Rifle

Modern Musket from Patriot Patches

Endless Possibilities from Patriot Patches


J.W. snuck in another e-F1 before the rule change - the SBSCAR17



Matt Kinnison Did you get a chance to look at the silencerco hybrid? If so maybe some thoughts about it, would love to hear JW's thoughts on the idea of a multi cal suppressor

Mike Hart Manufacturers that you like to hate.... I know Reed doesn’t have much love for DPMS..... and I will admit I have no love for Colt, I’m pretty sure it’s because of their fan boys though.

Travis Wilde Will the AR-15 ever be obsolete?

Nick Foglio I'd like to know more about the carbon fiber lowers we talked about briefly

Stephen Carter Carbon fiber uppers, just got my Windham with the carbon upper & lower in but haven't shot it yet.

Rick Rasnic Scopes to use for longer distance shooting with an AR10 build.

Jim Rauls My next build. A home defense specific AR. BY THE WAY, love the show. Thanks

Otis Winners we need to hear from...

Joseph Doughty

David Gonzalez

Barack Obama