AR-15 Podcast 155 - US Optics

Welcome to Episode #155 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we will be chatting with US Optics. We spoke with 3-gunner Reed Gabrielson on the SHOT Show floor in 2015, but today we have USO’s General Manager, Jason Kyle with us.Our final winner for the last week of the Otis Giveaway was:  Russell Smith

We still have a few Otis Drawing winners who haven’t checked in with us.

Main Topic:  US Optics w/ Jason Kyle (GM)

  • Jason’s History
    • Marines - 0311/69, 12yrs
    • USO - since 2010, Sales, GM
    • Company History
      • 25+ yrs
      • Custom-built, grew into off the shelf
      • End-users
      • Product Line
        • Custom, built to order
        • Magnification ranges
        • Feature sets
          • FFP reticle, SFP red dot
          • Applications
          • Accessories/gear/partners
            • Definitely put 1-8x’s in cantilevered mounts
            • New @ SHOT
            • Ordering
              • Dealers
              • Direct

Otis Technology:

We want to thank the folks at Otis Technology for their generosity.  Their help has made it possible for us to thank you, the listeners for all of your support.  Thanks Otis, We’ll see you at SHOT.