ARP 125 – Building an AR-15 from Scratch – Part 3


Welcome to Episode #125 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me tonight is my co-host, Anthony Hardy.  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level. Brownells helps make this show possible.

Don’t forget that Brownells, with their 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee, is there for you anytime you have a problem, like when you can’t remove the taper pins from your new barrel to slip off the front sight base and you now have to find a new barrel.

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The Upper Receiver

  1. Receiver
    1. Variations
    2. Features
    3. Quality
    4. Cost
  1. Barrels
    1. Length
    2. Twist
    3. Profile
    4. Gas System
    5. Crown
  1. Gas Block/Sight Base
    1. Profile
    2. Adjustments
    3. Pistons
    4. Utility
  1. BCG
    1. Carrier
    2. Bolt
    3. Materials
    4. Coating
  1. Charging Handle
  1. Handguards
    1. Length
    2. Diameter
    3. Connection Point
    4. Accessory Attachment Points
  1. Muzzle Device
    1. Brake
    2. Flash Hider
    3. Compensator
    4. Silencer Attachment

Otis Technology:

April 13: Mike Mourer

April 20: Eric Strong

April 27: Michael Blace

May 4:  Koal McMillan

May 11: Len Dichtel

The fine folks at Otis Technology have sent over a mountain of rifle maintenance tools and cleaning kits for the AR-15 and AR-10.  We’ve been tasked with giving them away.  Watch for the special posts on Facebook and Instagram to get a chance to win some of the awesome products made by Otis Technology.  We’ll give away a complete MSR Cleaning kit in either 5.56 or 7.62 in the middle of each  month up until Christmas, when we’ll give away a complete Otis Technology Elite Cleaning System to one lucky listener.  During the alternating weeks, we’ll be giving away a host of Otis tools and cleaning supplies.


Hugh P:  You guys should check it out the AXTS Talon safety selectors (same company that makes the Raptor charging handle). They are 45 degree and (unlike the Battle Arms ones) will work on any lower receiver. They also have the ability to be converted to standard 90 degree selectors in a few minutes (see the video on their website). I used to have the BAD sectors but have since switched over to the AXTS ones on all my AR's. Also, can you guys do a podcast on linear compensators and the current crop of muzzle device covers that mitigate side blast that accompanies compensators (FerFrans CRD, Kineti-Tech, Lantac BMD, Surefire Blast Diffuser/Warden, Griffin Armament Blast Shield, etc.)? Would be great to hear the pros and cons as well as how the covers change the effectiveness of the muzzle devices under them. Keep up the great work.

Bob L:  Reed, another common and inexpensive method is to  use a clevis pin to prevent launching the spring.

Clevis Pins

Dan V:  Thanks for the shoutout on your show this week...I was the guy that recommended adding the search function to your site to help other listeners find episodes, etc.  Wow...should something that helpful be recognized???  Gee you guys just mentioned ar cleaning kits piled to the sky at the secret headquarters.  Feel free to send one along to me to make more space for your quality programming…



@dylan.h.cave: Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade!  On the best day of the week too.  now it’s time for some range time.  Thanks for the excellent article on muzzle devices @guntruth.

@bigbiller: For some reason, I left laughing out loud by myself.  Connecting w/148 and 248 yd steel targets through iron sights w/rusty Tula .223 through the M&P consistently w/ease was apparently humorous.  Guess you had to be there . . . .