ARP 123 - Building an AR-15 from Scratch - Part 1


Welcome to Episode #123 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me tonight are my co-hosts, Anthony Hardy and J.W. Ramp. This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

Brownells helps make this show possible.

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The Lower Receiver

  1. The Receiver
    1. Quality
    2. Features
    3. Special Considerations
  1. The Lower Parts Kit
    1. With or Without
    2. Quality
    3. Special Considerations
    4. Addons
  1. The Fire Control Group
    1. Quality
    2. Features
    3. Special Considerations
  1. Receiver Extension Tube
    1. Size Considerations
    2. Additional Components
    3. Features
    4. Quality
  1. Buffer and Buffer Spring
    1. Buffer Weight
    2. Spring Tension/Stiffness
    3. Tuning your Rifle
  1. Stock and Grip
    1. Quality
    2. Features
    3. Special Considerations

Otis Technology:

March 30:  Michael Sheldon

April 6: Nathan Sanders

April 13: Mike Mourer

April 20: Eric Strong

April 27: Michael Blace

The fine folks at Otis Technology have sent over a mountain of rifle maintenance tools and cleaning kits for the AR-15 and AR-10.  We’ve been tasked with giving them away.  Watch for the special posts on Facebook and Instagram to get a chance to win some of the awesome products made by Otis Technology.  We’ll give away a complete MSR Cleaning kit in either 5.56 or 7.62 in the middle of each  month up until Christmas, when we’ll give away a complete Otis Technology Elite Cleaning System to one lucky listener.  During the alternating weeks, we’ll be giving away a host of Otis tools and cleaning supplies.


Kyle:  I tried to zero out the AR this weekend. Apparently it shoots to the left as I had to adjust the rear sight to the right. Is this common? Should I try to adjust the front sight post or is it not worth the hassle? Currently using an f marked front  sight and A2 style rear detachable carry handle. I would appreciate any information you have available.

Shawn, St. Louis:  Hey guys, love listening to the ar15 podcast during my free time.  For me the best part of your show is having real industry speakers on your show vs guys that just like to shoot. It really helps me narrow down the best products for the ar15. You do an excellent job of asking a good informative questions when interviewing.  Keep up the good work.

DW Taylor:  A few weeks back I had asked about the 6.5 Grendel. Since then, I have discovered your search engine. Using that I found the old podcasts that went into detail on the 6.5 caliber. Thanks for being proactive and having those in the library for me to review. I am slowly working my way through the backlog of older podcasts. I would prefer to do this on Stitcher, but they don’t go back too far. I use my PC for the earlier ones.

My first AR15 is the S&W MP15 Sport. I let some friends give it a try as I was working on my handgun skills. They burned through 9, 30 round magazines in about 20 minutes. How hot will a barrel get after this much rapid fire? What will this do the barrel? Can the barrel handle this rate of fire, or will it wear, loose strength, accuracy, etc. It isn’t a match-grade barrel, so I am not as concerned with sub-MOA groupings, but just an overall understanding of what a black rifle can be expected to take.  After all, we own them so we can shoot them, right?

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@dylan.h.cave: Wishing my range wasn’t closed on Mondays.

@dylan.h.cave: One fierce hatchet.

@msr300blk: My 6.8 SPC build, waiting on the Silencerco Trifecta muzzle break to button up my Odin Works handguard.  Running an ALG Combat Trigger, 16” Wilson Combat 1:11 twist SS barrel.  Waiting my pre-ordered 1-6 Vortex Strike Eagle to be shipped but in the mean time will go with some Magpul Mbus I have laying around.

@lambo415: Very happy with my Vortex Optics StrikeFire2 and magnifier.

@jtkustomizer: 25yd semi indoor shooting range  Pretty awesome place just wish it was closer to the house than it was.