ARP 120 - Are Pistol Caliber ARs Relevant When the SHTF


Welcome to Episode #120 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host J.W. Ramp and this is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level. Brownells helps make this show possible.

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Main Topic:

  1. Pistol Caliber AR

-How do we define this category

-How do they differ

-Other considerations

  1. Why would a Pistol Caliber AR be a good thing?

-Match all your ammo, traditional calibers are plentiful

-Engagement distances are said to average 50 yds in urban environment

-Longer Sight Radius


-Available pistol powders seem plentiful by comparison.

-Reloading is less complicated

-Ammunition still available when rifle ammo is banned

  1. Drawbacks?

-No long distance reach

-Diminished punch

-Changes to rifle are essentially permanent

-Conversion can be unreliable

-Aftermarket mags can be unreliable

-Dirty to shoot

  1. Cross compatibility issues:

-Magwell/magazine compatibility

-Direct blowback operation

-Barrel/barrel extension

-Bolt carrier group/bolllllt


  1. Rifle Manufacturers:


-Olympic Arms

-Rock River Arms

-Lone Wolf Distributors



  1. Conversions:

-Magwell blocks

-Magazines Colt/Uzi/Metalform vs Glock Mags vs Other?

-Barrel/BCG Swap

-Upper replacement

-Dedicated lower? Dedicated magwell lower

  1. Parts Manufacturers:

-Palmetto State Armory



Otis Technology:

March 23:  Chad Goeden

March 30: Michael Sheldon

April 6: Nathan Sanders

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dan v:  I'd like to search old episodes, but you don't have a search function on your website.  Please consider adding one the next time you're tweaking your page.  Thanks. [We do now]joelfrederick:  I'm not sure if this is the best way to send feedback and a question.   That said, thank you for this episode.  I'd already discovered 80% Arms due to a comment you'd made and a friend that has nearly completed an 80% AR build.

I know you'd mentioned changes to ATF policy.  From what I understand I can build an 80% AR but after I die, this creates issues for my son who would end up with any guns.   If this is true, would a gun trust make this easier?

Ken:  I recently discovered your podcast, and want to listen to all of them.   I was able to down load to episode 90 using i-tunes.   I was able to download to 64 using  the webpage.   I want to listen to episodes 63 to 1. I really wanted to listen to the range bag segment, and that is where it stopped.  How do I get episodes 1 to 63?

PS I subscribed to your youtube channel and left a 5 star review on itunes