ARP 102 - Naughty or Nice? - The Gift Episode


Welcome to Episode #102 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me today are my co-hosts J.W. Ramp and Anthony Hardy.  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level. Anthony is attending an Appleseed training event, December 6-7 in Pensacola, FL.

Brownells helps make this show possible.

Don’t forget that Brownells, with their 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee, is there for you anytime you have a problem, like when you can’t remove the taper pins from your new barrel to slip off the front sight base and you now have to find a new barrel.

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Product of the Week:

Vortex Sparc II

Main Topic: Gift Giving

Reed’s Top Ten:

Magpul Magazines

Faxon Firearms Gun Magazine Marker Bands

American Eagle 5.56MM 62 Grain FMJ 150 Rnd Loose Pack

BCM AR-15 Carry handle

Vltor Heavy Buffer

Superior Shooting Flat Buffer Spring


LANTEC Dragon Muzzle Brake

Vortex Sparc II

Magpul MS4 Sling

BCM Grip

J.W’s Top Ten:

B.A.D. Ambi Safety

FrogLube (just to fight with Anthony and his FireClean)

Camo Stencils / Spray Paint

Jug o’ Powder / Pile o’ Brass

Steel Targets (+1 to Anthony for the good idea)

NFA Tax Stamp Money ($200.00)

Aimpoint T-2

Larue Scope Mounts

TNVC Sentinels

H&K Transferrable Auto Sear

Anthony’s Top Ten:

Ear Pro from Precision Ear

Go Pro HERO 4

Go Pro Picatinny Mount

Kryptek Helmet Logo Typhon Camo Cap

AR-15 Mag Wraps

Do-All Outdoors 9mm-30.06 Dueling Tree Steel Target

Engraved Ejection Port

Ranger Floor Plates (Magpul/USGI)


Cerakoating Service

The AR-15 Giveaway Winner:

Jennifer Gehman


McKCHome: Hey guys, great show. I just got into the AR 15 about 6 months ago. My first purchase was an MP 15 T. It is fantastic. Sometime soon, I would like to build my own. So I have a question: Let's assume my budget allows me to buy quality, middle of the road parts, nothing over the top but also nothing cheap. But let's also say I want to go all out and spend lots of money on only one part of the rifle (e.g., barrel, trigger, upper). What part, in your opinions, should I choose to buy? This gun will be used for home defense and some plinking.   Thanks!

Tim L: Hey Guys, I just took my new build to the range.  It has a PSA LPK and a Geissele B-GRF trigger that I picked up last week.  Everything shoots great except that my BCG does not lock to the rear after the last round in a mag.  Any thoughts on how to fix this? Should I try a Full Auto BCG? The bolt release looks the same as my other AR-15. I am at a loss...

Thank You, from CommieFornia,

Brian M: I have to keep reminding myself to stop by the site and leave some feedback.  I've been listening to the show for a little over a year now and am slowly building my ar15.  The lower is complete and just waiting to decide on the upper.  I have been really looking at the magpul sl handguard and I think you've pushed me over the edge to get it.  Just a quick question; what kind of barrel do I search for that has the front sight post?  I was thinking of getting one instead of having to use a front flip up.  Is there a specific name for it?

Thanks again for the great podcast.  I keep wondering to myself what else I would like to hear about and draw a blank, but somehow you always put together an interesting episode and I really appreciate it.

Tom J:  Hey guys, Note I'm a legal gun owner and have a valid concealed handgun permit.  Have you have ever thought about having a show topic on 80% lowers? The ar15 easy jig is the jig that I use and love (but the older version).  This jig you cannot go wrong if follow the instructions to the tee. The last one I did while listening to the ar15 podcast, I was done by the time your average length show was finished so you see it really does not take that long to do. I just ordered my 4th 80% lower from another company for a dedicated 22lr so I can teach my little girl how to shoot.  And it's just so much fun to build your own custom AR15. The three I've built so far out perform my Bushmaster. I'm glad that my wife likes to shoot as well, she told me that I'm addicted to the ar15. Told her nope just want to build as many "ghost guns" as I can. I'm attaching a pic of the one I just finished about a week ago.

Keep up the good work.

Evertt:  Anthony, On the Gun Disassembly iPhone app, did you have \"Gun Disassembly\" or \"Gun Disassembly 2\"?  The second one has a somewhat improved interface for iPhone, yet neither is absolutely great. Gun Disassembly was made for PC originally and was ported to iOS. In fact the port was such a copy & paste the help section on the iPhone still (at least last time I used it) mentioned right-clicking to do several functions. Clearly a PC action and not possible on the iPhone. Regardless, it's in my opinion fun, educational, and impressive what the creators have done with it. If you give it another chance you might try it on the PC to get the hang of it. It's free on PC and you unlock the different gun models either by purchase or by completing challenges with the models it starts you with. Thanks for the great podcasts. The AR15 podcast is my favorite on FRN and I look forward to it every week. I'm hoping to start my first ar15 build soon and the info you all have provided has been great.

Zachary D.:  Reed, Wanted to let you know Silencer Shop has Ti-Rant 9mm suppressors on sale for $399 plus a $200 AAC online store credit.  Dakota Silencer has the Ti-Rant 45 for $450 with the same rebate.  The temptation was too much for me and I picked myself up a 9mm can, my first stamped item, earlier this week. When I asked the sales guy why they were so inexpensive, thinking perhaps a new model was due out, he said that with AAC moving he thought they were trying to reduce inventory to move, and administrative burden. Just wanted to pass along the great deal to yourself and all the listeners. Hope you're having a great holiday!

Brian P: Hey guys!!! Love the podcast. Been with you since the first show.  I have a few builds under my belt and decided it was time to get my oldest son involved so we can get a little father son bonding time in at the range.   He is ten and is building everything himself  with just  a little help here and there and of course  supervision  to make sure it is built properly.   So far everything is going great  and he is waiting for some more parts for Christmas.   Just wanted to let everyone know what a great experience this build has been.   But beware much patience is needed.   We do have one question because we will be outfitting his build with a 22lr  conversion kit. will this have any long term damage to the 5.56 barrel or will it just need a good cleaning when he is ready for  a real bolt carrier group. Thanks and keep up the good work.