ARP 059 - First Time AR Builds - If We Knew Then What We Know Now

Reed and J.W. talk about first time builds and what we’ve learned over time building AR’s.

Welcome to Episode #059 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me today is our auditioning sacrificial host, J.W. Ramp. This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

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Winner:  Douglas W:

Hey, it's been a while, hope your have a great time at SHOT show.  Listening to the last episode, it got me thinking. I have my first AR, a Rock River, that shoots a functions like a dream. This being my first AR, I didn't know what to expect. Needless to say I'm very happy with it. One of the things I like the most is how smooth the BCG operates how the rifle functions. Haveing now built three AR's, 2 chambered in 556, and my last one a 300 AAC Blackout, how do I get the AR's to function as smoothly as my RR?  My last build, the blackout, used all top end parts, Mega Arms billet up and lower, nickel boron coated BCG, and my own custom barrel.  Do I just need to put more rounds down range? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated

PS,  please put me in for your give away.

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Tip of the Week:

Get off the bench.

While shooting from a lead sled or a set of bags is great for zeroing your carbine, the real-world application for shooting from a concrete table are next to zero. Next time you’re at the range, spend more time working from different stances - standing, kneeling, sitting, prone. If your range has them, use roof support columns as concealment and as a surface to steady your rifle against. You’d be surprised how easy it is to make long shots from a supported standing position. If you’ve got property of your own or the range to yourself, make sure to practice shooting on the move.

Main Topic:

Lessons Learned for that First Time AR Build

1.  The Receivers

  • Where do you find “quality”
  • What am I looking for
  • Don’t break the bank

2.  Internals

  • A roll pin is a roll pin is a roll pin
  • Where it matters
  • Plan your build, build your plan

3.  Barrel Choice

  • Sources
  • Materials
  • Features

4.  Bolts and BCG’s

  • This is your moving part
  • What do I look for
  • Slick as what?

5.  Furniture

  • Form over Function
  • What do I need
  • Where do I stop

6.  Accessories

  • Can you over accessorize?
  • Options galore
  • Get what you need

7.  BUIS

Listener Feedback:

Andrew S:  Reed, I really enjoyed episode #55 discussing optics with your fellow Marines. I agree with you completely in regards to the iron sights, and found it funny how the two holdouts both argued against needing irons, but both have them and advocated them towards the end of the show.  I do not currently have any on my rifle.  I just can't get myself to spend the money on them.

  It’s one thing to spend money on optics because they are made up of very sophisticated assemblies, quality glass, and electronic circuits.  Irons are a different thing altogether.  The cheapest BUIS that are any good would be Magpul BUIS for around $100 or more.  I know they are quality pieces and that you can depend on them, but they are plastic.  I just can’t pay that for plastic.  I have paid much less for much more complicated pieces of plastic than that.  Then when you look at the quality steel or aluminum BUIS, the price just goes up from there.  $200 for most.  That kind of money can get me some power tools, nice watches that are much more complicated pieces of craftsmanship, or small appliances.  What justification is there for these kinds of prices.  I have a lot of different hobbies and see niche products of high quality and low production numbers command some pretty hefty prices, but not to the level of iron sights.  I feel like I am volunteering to be robbed if I purchase them.  Do you have any experience with less costly options for BUIS that you could recommend?  I would love to add a set to my AR in the near future

Please enter me in any contests you may be having.  I could really use an Otis Bone Tool or Ripcord.

Thanks for a great podcast,

IcarusX:  Reed thanks for the great show on optics. I want to thank Jeremy of thinking of those of us who cannot afford a >$400 optic and TRYING to make it relevant to those of us who are not part of the gun cultural elite or have such snobbery. Granted I would love an EOtech or Trijicon, but the reality is the AR(Another Receipt) platform does not lend for getting everything you want all at once.

Jeremy, thanks for keeping it real.

John:  Hey guys, really enjoy the show! Getting ready to start my first AR build and your information has been most helpful. I was writing in response to your optics a different perspective episode. You asked the guys about a optic at a lower price for those who can't afford to break the bank what they would go with. Not sure they were quite getting what you were asking. Check out the Lucid HD7 Gen 3. Maybe do a little review. It’s a very nice optic for around 300 dollars I believe. Please enter me in any contest you have at the moment, Thanks.

David from New York:  I just started listening to the podcast I like the show so far. I checked out just about all the past shows I learned a lot about my MSR platform I had a question about how tight to get the barrel nut ? I can't seem to get the gas tube slot lined up unless I back off the tightness a bit to line up the hole is that ok or should I muscle it more to line up the hole? keep up the good work. Sign me up for the giveaway as well, thank you


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