ARP 052 - Intro into .223 reloading

Reed and Tony discuss the introduction into the world of reloading .223/5.56 ammunition.

Welcome to Episode #052 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Reed Snyder and with us is my co-host Tony Imburgia. This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.


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Winner: Mike in Columbus GA, Reed and Tony and everyone at the FRN...thanks for the outlet and platform that you guys have here. I have bought my 1st AR(a DPMS AP4) since listening and I plan on buying a stripped lower and building my own AR and the information you guys have presented has very useful; where to get parts, what types of parts are available, procedures and etc... the only thing that I have a problem with is the word "gun"... its sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to me....I'm pretty sure Reed knows to what I'm referring to and I do understand why another word is not used... but try and use the term "rifle" more often...and please enter me in the Otis give-away please…



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Reloading Tip of the Week:  Working up a basic handload recipe.   Take your starting and your maximum  powder charges for a given powder.  Devise a  progression from the start to the maximum which allows for five charge variations for that recipe.  Load a number of rounds for each powder charge in the progression. Test at the range starting with the lightest load and progress through the five levels you have loaded.  Take notes and observe the performance of each load in the progression.  Mark the load you are most satisfied with and if necessary begin again with a smaller incremental change in powder charges for a new progression which is based on the chosen load.  Otherwise, reload at your leisure and fire for effect.


Main Topic: Guide to reloading .223 and 5.56 for your AR-15.

Basic Reloading Process:

  • Sort and inspect cases

  • Tumble Dirty Cases

  • Lube cases

  • Size and decap cases

  • Delube cases

  • Clean the primer pocket ( if needed)

  • Trim the case

  • Seat Primer

  • Drop Powder

  • Seat Bullet

  • Crimp Case

Basic Equipment Needs:

  • Reloading Press

  • Die Set

  • Shell Holder

  • Reloading Manual

  • Powder Scale

  • Powder Measure

  • Priming System

  • Case Lube

  • Case Trimmer


Necessary Components:

  • Bullets

  • Brass

  • Primers

  • Powder


Reloading Starter Kits:


Brass Cleaning Kits:

  • Case tumbler

  • Rotary sifter

  • Brass polish

  • Corn Cob Media


Case Conditioning Kit:

  • Cutter and lock stud

  • .223 Remington Case Length Gauge and Shell Holder

  • Primer Pocket Cleaner

  • Chamfer and Deburring Tool


Extras:(Things that make the process smoother and faster)


Listener Feedback:


Mike: Hey guys, great podcast. I look forward to each new episode. I really liked #51 - Black rifle Friday (or whatever Anthony called it) Great tips, I'm checking out most of those deals.


I like that you guys talk about what you know, and have experience in, not what you don't. So many other shows, including some on the FRN have shows and the podcasters have no experience in the topic and they go on and on about it. That tunes me out faster then anything.


I owe you a  review of the bone tool, but honestly I haven't used it yet...


Can you enter me in the newest Otis drawing?


My build would be:

    Mega arms upper and lower - billet ni-boron

    Tac-con trigger

    Black Hole Weapon 6x45 24" barrel

    Nightforce 3.5x15 50

    Magpul PRS stock (Stocks are very important IMHO)

    Midwest industries Gen 2 rail


And just for the heck of it, I think I person would need the following AR's to even think about having enough.

    Standard M4 -

    AR pistol

    AR  precision rifle 20" min barrel

    AR SBR with suppressor

    AR-10 -

    An AR-15 in a caliber other than 5.56 Like 300 Blackout or 6.8......

    AR-15 for 3 gun competition

    Spare AR for you shooting partners


Looks like at least 8 -


Thanks again for the great podcast.


Greg:  AR15 guys, Thanks for doing the podcasts on the AR15 platform. I have been listening to your podcasts for many months.  I’ve been researching the process of building an AR15 black rifle for nearly a year.  This weekend, I purchased a lower and have ordered the parts for my first build. I thought I had a good grasp on what parts I need for the build until I started shopping for barrels.  I found this to be the most difficult choice of the build.  There are virgin barrels with no front post, chrome lined barrels, barrels without linings, Stainless steel, heavy and skinny, etc.

Please do a show on barrel choices for AR builds and explain the various choices.  If you choose to do a show on barrels please, go beyond the simple options of chrome lining and non-chrome lining.  I was confused about the virgin barrels and how to attach A2 front sight posts to them.

Rob:  Hi, After listening to the Black Friday podcast I purchased a AIM surplus ATI AR Rifle Parts Kit that you recommended.




BTW....Great deals. In future shows please include great AR deals segment.


Jim J:  Just listened to your build variant podcast.  You failed to include 300 blackout, 9mm and .30 cal including .308 & 7.65. I know .30 cal is technically AR10 but it is a build variant.

Dave: Reed, You were discussing this article and short barrel accuracy an episode or two ago.  I've been pondering and exploring the same issue.  You might however, read on and take in what a few astute people have to say in comments below this article:


Short length is lighter and stiffer, and get you out far, but the wind will kill ya with the loss in velocity.  We know's the "average grouping", and inherent accuracy of a barrel's shots over time ('flyers; included) that I found brow-raising.  Just something to consider.


Secrets of the Houston Warehouse – Lessons In Extreme Rifle Accuracy

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