ARP 050 - High End AR-15s

Anthony and Reed discuss what they would do if money was no object and they could build their dream AR-15

 Welcome to Episode #050 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Reed Snyder and with us is my co-host Tony Imburgia. This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

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Winner: Len D.  Hey guys, I have been listening to the podcast since episode 1 and am still loving it. I have been working on building my first AR. I have the lower complete and have been saving up to build my upper. Keep up the great shows. Please enter me into the new Otis ripcord giveaway. Thanks! Brownells helps make this show possible.

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Training Tip of the Week:USAMU Pro Tips, How to Zero Your AR-15

Main Topic:  High End AR-15 Builds- the rifles we would buy if money was no object. The best of the best in the industry.




Bolt Carrier Groups



Factory Rifle

Listener Feedback:

 Alex - St. Louis:  I'm building my first AR, and I really liked your ARP-041 episode on what to go with.  I have a few questions, however:

1.  What is the difference in commercial grade and mil-spec when it comes to stocks and buffer tubes?  Which is better?

2.  What is the quality if Bravo Company for uppers, in your opinion?  I've read great stuff.

Thank you,

Rob:  Hi, Love the podcast!!  Perhaps I've missed it. Have you discussed the pros & cons of having vs not having the A-frame front sight? Do custom AR builders still use the A-frame front sight? Also, have you I really need a piston driven AR? Have ya done a piston show?

 Thanks.....Tom:  Really enjoy the podcast, and look forward to it each week. Before I forget, please enter me in the contest for the new Otis Ripcord.

My question is in regard the the Magpul PMAG. I have noticed that they no longer come with the dustcover, as do previous iterations. Is this proof that the feed lips are strong enough to function without protection, or primarily a cost savings for Magpul? I notice that the dust covers are available as a separate option, would I want some for long term storage on a loaded magazine

Thanks in advance for your answer, and please keep up the good work.  thanks

Craig:  Hey Guys.  long time listener. First time writing in. After listening to the hunting episode. I was thinking. Scary as it is. Thanks to you guys, I built a couple of ARs in the last year or so. And one was a 300 blackout. What do you guys think about hunting , whitetail deer, with a 300 blackout. I read a bunch of threads on forums. Just wanted to know what you thought. Any input would be great. Thanks. O and could you ever do a daily podcast. Joke. I love the show. And can't wait for the next episode. Could you enter me in the Otis giveaway too. Thanks

 David D:  Hi Reed and Tony, I have been listening to the AR-15 podcast for about four months. I remember Jake asking you, not to eat any MM candy and Now I understand why he asked you to stop, so please stop  I am using a S&W M&P AR-15.  And I have been reloading Ammunition for about twenty years.  When I first started to reload there was a lot of talk in some of the magazines that I would read about lubing bullets with molly coat.  I do not hear much about lubing bullets anymore and is it a good or bad idea to lube bullets for a chrome barrel or is it a bad idea to lube bullets at all.

I would like to enter your giveaway for the otis rip cord Thanks

Jorge B:  Hello Reed, Tony and Greg I appreciate the show and all the information you give.

Especially, the point of view coming from a Californian and how we deal with the absurd laws. I am a Varmint hunter (coyote, Bobcat, Fox, Badger) who as many others primarily use heavy barrel bolt action rifles.  I plan to build an AR in .243  which in my experience is a very devastating round for coyote. They drop and don't get up. Any advice would be appreciated.

Five Stars to you all and thanks for the free show. Please enter me in the Otis giveaway.


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