ARP 047 - AR-15 Build Variants

Greg and Tony Discuss the different routes you can take when building or buying an AR-15

Welcome to Episode #047 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Tony Imburgia and with me is Greg Bakken of Tactical Paradise.  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

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Training Tip of the Week:

Spend some cash on professional training.

Main Topic:  AR-15 Build Variants

Varmint Build:

3 Gun:

  • Built with accuracy, weight , low recoil in mind
  • Parts are usually selected individually
  • Trigger
  • No forward assist
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Charging Handle
  • Pistol Grip
  • Low mass bolt carrier
  • Oversized - Magwell, Mag Release, Safety Selector: To reduce fumbling and increase speed
  • Optic depends on class
  • Rainier Arms 3 Gun Revolution 16

Self Defense :

  • Military clone M4 style
  • Shorter Barrel 16”
  • Red Dot Optic
  • Laser
  • Light Mount
  • Telescopic Stock

Long Distance:

  • Caliber Changes : 6.5 Grendel or 6mm to get out to 1000 yds
  • 24 inch Barrel
  • High Powered Optic
  • Fixed / Precision Stock
  • 6.5 Grendel

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