ARP 045 - Budget AR15 Build

Tony and Reed , joined by Greg discuss building an AR15 on a budget. This show covers the pros and cons of buying a ready to build kit versus selecting each part yourself. 

Welcome to episode 045 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Reed Snyder and with us is our new co-host Tony Imburgia. Also joining us is Jake Challand, President of the Firearms Radio Network and Greg Bakken Host of the Tactical Paradise Podcast.  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

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jk it’s really: Levi Hinton

Training Tip of the Week:

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Main Topic:  Building on a Budget Greg's budget build:

Aero Precision Lower $99

PSA Blemished lowers $60

Double Star Lower Parts Kit $68

Stock Kit $33

Areo Precision Upper $89

PSA Upper Parts Kit $40

Full Auto Bolt $90

8620 Bolt Carrier Group $80

Barrel 5.56 $129

DPMS Barrels $170

A2 Flash Hider $8

Magpul Handguard $30

Gas block and gas tube


Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto Build Kit $550

PSA Complete Lower $200

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Listener Feedback:

MapleSyrupSmuggler:  I just listened to your AR pistol podcast and have to say you did an excellent job. A few years back as part of my Administration of Justice schedule in the local community college, in the Bay Area of California, I was required to take a firearms training class. Though most of the time we shot handguns, one of the reserve officers helping out was an AR-15 geek. He had an AR-15 pistol in 9mm with a sling. It was extremely fun to shoot IDF style though I am not sure I would personally plunk down the money for one. However, if you pushed out on the sling it really stabilized it and made it shoot-able.

I also want to say that my username on Itunes is MapleSyrupSmuggler and that I submitted a review early on in the show and hope that that counts toward the drawing. My username for my picture that I submitted on flickr is MapleSyrupSmuggler as well.

Keep up the good work! You can never have too much cowbell.

JT in SoCal (jonny_black): Hi guys,

I really enjoy listening to your show on my long work commutes. Its helps the long grind if I get to also listen to your podcast and learning about the AR in depth. Keep it going!!!

I have a great show topic. How do other AR builders handle questions from the wife when they see part orders coming in. I keep getting the "Are you ordering anything else?!?!" from my wife and I have to keep coming up with creative responses that don't make me an all out liar...

I completed my first build last month and have 3 more stripped lowers for future projects if and when my wife allows.

Tom (From the People\'s republic of Illinois): Hey Guys. Excellent podcast.   I listen every week.   How about an episode on going full auto.   I know tax stamps are expensive (probably about as expensive as feeding a full auto AR), but it would be fun to hear about the options. Please enter me in the BONE tool giveaway. Thanks, Badge 3625: I just heard the podcast, nice job and at the very end I think you made a reference to my CHiPs and DiPS post. Thanks, here's another:

What\'s the difference between a cactus and a DPS Patrol car?

Nothing, except the cactus has the pricks on the outside.

You are doing a great job and especially with the gear stuff, I've spent too much money on crap. To be able to get a good gear review is great!

Although retired for 8 years now still love the firearm community

Douglas Y: Great podcast guys! Just found the firearms radio network two weeks ago now I'm playing catch up to listen to all of your shows. I\'m a law enforcement officer in a small town so occasionally the nights get a little boring, but now that I listen to your show I look forward to some quiet time to catch up on old shows. I have owned two AR's now. My first was a bushmaster ORC. It was a good gun but just not what I was looking for. I sold it and bought a rifle that was about 50 percent assembled but had all of the parts to complete it. All the parts were brand new so I bought it and assembled it. It has a polymer lower, which I was skeptical about but I now really like. I put most of the accessories I wanted on it, just saving for a few more mods. It now rides in the passenger seat of my cruiser as my main patrol rifle.

I would like to hear a discussion on your views about polymer lowers. Specifically the ones by new frontier arms.

Ty F: Great podcast, keep up the good work! hey guys, love the show. I've been listening to the backlogged episodes for about 2 weeks, have learned a lot, and can't wait for more. I wanted to mention and give a shout out to an innovative company that I found back in December when the rush hit. I was like everybody else trying to find an AR after the "panic" hit, when I found a local rep of a company called Barnes Precision Machine. They are a small operation out of North Carolina that makes every part, except for the springs and detents, in house. I was very impressed with their rifle and placed an order. I waited 7 months but it finally arrived. Its basically a race gun out of the box, but the main reason I chose it was because of their lower receiver and handguard. The lower has what they call an "accurizing screw" that is basically a plastic threaded plug underneath the grip and directly under the rear takedown pin that you can tighten against the upper to take away any slop or play between the receivers. Talk about innovation, they are the only ones I have personally seen that has this feature. Their extreme ultralight hand guard is also amazing. Incredibly light, and is set up to accept a slew of accessory rails. They also have a quad rail handguard  that is extremely thin and comfortable for having 4 rails. I can fit my entire hand around it and touch my fingers together easily. They also come with a .223 Wylde chambered barrel, which I think you guys should talk more about, and now they come standard with a Nickel Boron bcg. Doesn't get much better than that, unless you take their customer service into account, then it takes the company to another level. The CEO Andrew Barnes will talk to anybody about any problem and will even give you a personal tour of the plant if you can make it up there. Check them out, Thanks for the great show, keep it up.

Jeffrey P: Hi just a shootout from elk Mound WI,I recently came upon your podcast after getting tired of Michael Banes rumblings. Excellent podcast full of great info. I have recently just bought my first ar 15, it's dpms sportical that I got used for $540. While I have always been a bolt action fan and have a beautiful savage 110 in 308, i really I'm starting to like the AR platform. But I just hate 223, being new to the platform I really love the modularity and already have put a magpul trigger guard and grip on my ar. I'm not sure how I want to build this ar up as I would really love a dmr with the ar platform, but again 223. I was considering buying a 308 ar, but after listening to your store it seems like they have some issues, so I'm thinking about the 300 blackout, since I could hunt with it in WI

what kind of optics would you recommend for dmr type rifle, and do you like the red dot systems with a magnifier built in or, the removable magnifier. Or assuming I decided to do a carbine build, what kind of optics would you recommend for that.

also please enter my in any activate contests you have open, I will submit an ar photo when I have one.

Thanks for a wonderful and informative show.

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