ARP 043 - New York Safe Act - Why your AR-15 is now an Assault Weapon


Find out what makes your AR-15 an assault weapon in New York state.

Welcome to episode 043 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Jake Challand with Co-host Reed Snyder. This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

Anthony Imburgia - Firearms enthusiast from New York State

AR-15 Training Tip of the Week:

Main Topic: New York Assault Weapons (not really, just a regular AR-15)

Listener Feedback:

Rich: Great podcasts! I have learned a lot and have just completed my first AR build. Hopefully I will be able to take it out soon and zero it in.

On your last show, gator_b8 asked how to delete pictures after uploading them to flickr. It really is not hard to do, Just go to the AR15 podcast flickr page, where they were uploaded and find your picture. When you place your mouse over your own picture you will see an X in the upper right corner of your on the X and it is now deleted.

It was also nice to have a quick breakdown on the parts needed for an AR build. On my build, I  did shoot a pivot pin detent across the room and lost it in the carpet! I had to obtain a replacement one and was successful on the second try. I did hear of a tip and I have not tried it out. The tip was to use a large see-through bag around the lower while you put the spring and detents in. If the detent gets shot out, the bag will retain it for you.

Daniel lance: Hey gents! Love the show! I listen all the time when I'm at work, just dove into the firearms business about 2 years ago, a fellow Marine I served with in Fallujah Iraq with, we started a class 3 business and specialize in AR's, we have done several builds but it never gets old learning more an more! Loved your podcast on back to the basics of a build.  We are thinking of getting into the pistol caliber ar market, what are your thoughts on a 9mm or .40 s&w Ar?

Any recommended companies or which ones should we stay away from?

Thanks so much for all you guys do!   Hey reed keep your head up.... Even if jake doesn't think you're capable of being host.. Lol if anything maybe you could get a gig doing M&m plugs.  J/k bro.

Lance with calamity arms.  Semper fi gents.

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Chris Ivey: Hey guys.  Love the show.  I listen to all the firearms radio podcast.  A quick question, I have an AR and can’t find any 5.56 ammo.  I live in Alabama so hunting season is right around the corner and .223 is everywhere and it’s not too expensive.  I know I can shoot .223 out of my 5.56 but do I lose anything by shooting .223 over 5.56?  Thanks for your time in advance.  I’m glad the shows are talking of but I hate to here you leaving this podcast but I’m sure I’ll hear you on the other ones.  Keep the shows coming.

Bryan Bolivar: Training Tip of the Week - Holdover

Good point Jake. AR sights sit well above the bore and at close distance, like in a house, you really do need to compensate for this offset to get your bullets hitting where you want.

I personally use optics that let me repeatedly dial in the correct sight adjustment for this but learning your hold over is also a great technique and probably more applicable to the \"real world\" rather than the competitive environment that I normally shoot in.

A good tool for practicing this is the SIRT AR-15 bolt. Since it projects a laser straight down your bore it  mimics bullet trajectory at short range (essentially a straight line) and accurately accounts for sight height over bore.

Alex in Austin: I know I've requested an episode on SPR's but I would also like to hear someone come on the show that's knowledgeable in building SBR's with suppressors.  After reading many forum posts there seems to be many differences of opinion and concerns when building a suppressed SBR, most of the discussions were on the topic of barrel length and ratchet vs screw on suppressors and their effect on baffle erosion.

Mike: Reed and the other guy(s),

Another great show.  You forgot one important item for a successful AR build - blue painters tape. The builder will want to cover the lower receiver with blue tape in specific locations, such as around the bolt release catch roll pin hole, gas block (if its going to be exposed) and anywhere else on the upper or lower receiver you might be hitting or handling a tool.

  • Also regarding bring AR's into California for shooting matches, the answer is "yes"
  • Penal Code section 12280(m) provides an exception for out-of-state residents who bring
  • assault weapons or .50 BMG rifles into the state if attending an organized match or competition
  • conducted on a target range, club, etc., for the purpose of shooting targets.

 Please note the phrase "organized match or competition"  showing up to shoot cans with Uncle Elmer is neither organized nor competition.

So everyone please feel free to attend the high-power and 3-gun matches in Southern California.  Just down load the California Firearms Laws handbook ( and mark page 15, just in case you get stopped by the wrong LEO.

If you ever decide to do a show on high power rifle matches (XTC)  Please let me know.  I would be happy to share my knowledge.

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Winner: Manny

I just wanted to add a couple tips regarding the 22LR options. Having weighed all the options myself, I went with the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22. For not much more money than a dedicated upper, you have a whole other gun that when at the range the wife, kids, or friends can use while you can still use your main AR15. Regarding the 15-22, most USGI style standard trigger groups will work, for example, the ALG Defense triggers that are USGI triggers tuned by Geissele work great. Also, Battle Arms Development makes a 15-22 version of their famous BAD-ASS ambidextrous safety. Finally, a company called makes a replacement barrel nut that is also an adapter that allows you to change the factory plastic rail to most any one that is aftermarket for a regular AR15. It is threaded on the outside so that you can install a standard AR15 barrel nut or a proprietary one that come with whatever handguard you'd like. I uploaded a couple pics of my 15-22 to your flickr page showing how I changed my handguards out for Magpul Midlength MOE

handguards with an AR15 barrel nut, delta ring and custom front sight from TrueShot Technologies, Manny

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