ARP 037 - The 22LR AR-15 Rifle - Conversion or Dedicated?

Jake rejoins Reed for a Rimfire filled AR-15 podcast.

 Welcome to episode 37 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Jake Challand with Co-host Reed Snyder. This is THEE podcast about youuurrrr favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years.  There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

Main Topic: 22 long rifle


Can I shoot 22lr in a 556 barrel?

Will it damage my barrel?

Can I use my existing upper? Lower?

Will it save me money

What's needed for a conversion

Is it hard to install?

Dedicated 22lr ar15 style rifle

Are they worth it?

Are they quality?

Do they take ar15 accesories?

Do they shoot like an Ar ?

Are they more accurate than a conversion kit?

Better for youth?

Uses other than plinking?(22 rim fire challenge)

I can't find 22lr should I just stick with 223?

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Feedback / Listener Questions

Levi: I am a new listener to your pod casts but have listened to most of them. One thing I have not heard you mention is the 6.8 SPC. It ireaters the second most puchased caliber in the AR platform. Its effectiveness on target is way better than the 223 and ammo availabilty is better than all the 6.5's. If you've covered this I appoligize, if not I think it would make for a good episode or at least a segment. Keep up the good work and "Carry On".

Listener Shared YouTube Video:

David Bui: Hello Reed,

I just bought an AR15 Oracle DPMS a few months ago and undergoing some customization.

I found this podcast with perfect timing. I enjoy your podcast and it provides me something to look forward to listending at work.

I have a question regarding the difference between the forged lower recievers and uppers. Is it worthwhile to spend a lot of money on a lower reciever from some high end manufacturer vs some cheap below $100 stripped reciever?

Rich  - Brownstown, Michigan (20mi. south of Detroit):Hello, enjoy the show,

I recently installed a set of Magpul BUIS to back up my Aimpoint PRO.  I am new to the AR world (built my first AR 1 yr ago) and have no experience with these pop up sights (or any AR sights).  I am disappointed with the accuracy that these magpul sights offer, as compared to my Aimpoint, which is very accurate.  I assume the big and small rear loop on the the rear sight is for long or short range? I installed the front and rear Magpul sights and took them to the range but found I was unable to sight them in with any accuracy because there was too much room in the rear loop to line up the front sight post and the front was just a black metal post.  I had trouble hitting a 10 inch circle at 40 meters.  I did put some white paint on the tip of the front post but that had little effect on my being able to make accurate hits.  Are all of the back up AR sites like this (not very accurate) or do I need and education on how to properly use these sights?  The rear sight is mounted at the very rear of my rail (behind the Aimpoint) and the front is mounted at the very front of my rifle length free float rail, so I do have a very long sight radius.  Thanks for any insight you may have on this subject.