ARP 028 - Chambered in 6.5mm

Welcome to episode #28 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder with my special Co-host Brad West from the Firearms Radio Network IT team. This is THEE podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

AR-15 Training Tip of the Week:

Jerry Miculek’s homepage:


Main Topic:  6.5mm and what that means to the average MSR owner

6.5mm Grendel:

  • Can use standard AR magazines with a modified follower.
  • Originally designed for proficiency from 200 - 800 yards, but is accurate well beyond that.
  • Introduced at SHOT show 2004, Wolf and Hornady now make a variety of rounds.
  • Case derived from the .220 Russian (fired in the Russian bullpup shown below) which was derived from the 7.62x39.

6.5mm Creedmoor:

  • Capable of duplicating the trajectory of the .300 Win Magnum but with less recoil.
  • Requires an  AR-10 form factor, cartridge based on the 308 cartridge.
  • Larger case and other factors may provide for a larger performance envelope than Grendel.

.264 LBC-AR:

  • Virtually identical to the Grendel
  • Supported by Hornady and Black Hills Ammunition
  • Rifles chambered in this caliber are built by Les Baer Custom

6.5mm TCU:

  • .223 case necked up to 6.5
  • Should work in standard MSR with a barrel change only.
  • Cartridges are highly localized to competition arena so not much commercial availability.

Listener Feedback:

Chuck Earley: Maybe I missed it in a past episode but if you could discuss AR15 and AR10 magazine compatibility, I'd appreciate some more knowledge in that area . Thanks for your time and keep up the great work y’all.

Tom B: Hey guys, Great show. Was it your show that I heard about an M4 Carbine Chart on Google? If so I googled it and there are several and none of which seem to be what you mentioned.   If I remember you stated it should be studied?  So I was looking for a reference?  I have no AR so I thought I would study. If this was not your show I apologize.  I listen to three different shows so I may be wrong.  Thanks

Alex in Austin: Hi guys, Been listening to the gun guys radio and AR15 podcast the show for a while, you guys are doing a good job.  I would really like to hear an episode on the topic of building an SPR, particularly from someone that was involved in the original Mark 12 program (see  I'm working on designing and building an SPR now, fortunately my co worker's sister owns Shilen Barrel Company so I'll likely go to the factory to watch my barrel being worked on.  One of the biggest mysteries for me with this build is designing the gas system.  I will have to cut a 20" barrel down to 18" and I want to make sure that I size the gas port correctly and also consider adjustable gas blocks.  You can see how this build can quickly spiral into a thing is for sure, it will have a Geissele trigger, Thanks.

Richard J: Hello, Steve and Reed. I've been listening to the AR15 podcast since the first episodes (I started listening to Gun Guy Radio when it first started and now listen to most of the shows on the Firearms Radio Network). Hearing about Glenn in OK inviting you up to shoot sparked an idea. Do you think there would be any interest from listeners local to Dallas/Fort Worth to meet up some weekend? I don't yet have an AR, and it would be awesome to see a variety of rifles and compare features.

Ryan: Hey Reed, I was just listening to your latest ar-15 podcast and you had a Canadian listener who was asking about hunting rifles that use a standard AR magazine. Mossberg makes a line of rifles called the MVP that is just that, a bolt action hunting rifle using an AR mag.  Thanks for the great show.

Chuck H: Mossberg MVP Patrol or Predator is a bolt gun that takes AR magazines. Thought you could pass that on to the gentleman from Canada. Good show.

Joel: Reed, In regards to the question you received from James about other rifles that accept AR mags, have him look at the Mossberg MVP. It's a bolt-action .223 that can use AR magazines.

Roger P:  I have been listening from the beginning and enjoy the podcast. You guys can play all the Hank Williams Sr. and Jr. you want I like both. Keep up the good work.

Michael: Nice podcast.  You've convinced me to try to build a EBR or 2...or 4.  About all I know about building an AR is what I've learned from listening to the podcast.  Can you give me any guidance on where to start?  Is there a good starter book, DVD, or YouTube channel?  I've ordered and received 4 stripped lowers and am not sure what to do next.  As I plan on what to do with each, I'd like to build a .308, a 300 Blackout, a long-range varmint rifle, and a short-barrel carbine.  Can I use these 5.56 lowers for all of these?  My guess is yes for all but the .308.  Also, any thoughts on where to get parts?  I know you mention Brownells, Geissele, and White Oak Armament but haven't had much luck with finding stuff in stock.  Big shock, right?  Anyway, thanks for any help.  I look forward to more podcasts.

Ronnie C: You talked about lubricants for the AR15. I mainly like to use Slip 2000 and Slipstream. I sometimes use CLP when I am doing a quick clean and don't wish to clean and lube separately. I find the Otis system for the MSR great too, especially the BONE tool. I say that but I use my BoreSnake to do quick cleans as well.  Thanks for your podcast. Please try to get some manufacturer or ammo guests on the program.