ARP 027 - Proper Care and Maintenance of the AR-15 Part 1


Reed and Steve discuss the proper care and maintenance of your AR-15.

Welcome to episode #27 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your host Reed Snyder with Co-host Steve from Gun Guy Radio. This is THEE podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

Shout out to Glenn in Lawton Oklahoma

AR-15 Training Tip of the Week:

- Even though many magazine are considered to hold 30 rounds, they should never be loaded to this maximum capacity.  This can lead to the spot welds on the back of aluminum mags failing and quickly emptying your ammo to the ground.  This can also be the cause of your rifle being unable to chamber a new round because the pressure on the top round is too great for the bolt carrier group, buffer, and buffer spring to overcome.

- Load you mags with no more than 28 rounds and you should have NO issues at all.  Many law enforcement agencies across the country note in policy that duty loads should be between 25 and 28 rounds.

Main Topic:

Make Weapon Safe

  • Open the Bolt
  • Check the chamber for a stray round both Visually and Manually
  • Close the Bolt

Field Strip

  • Disengage the takedown pin and the pivot pin
  • Separate the upper from the lower
  • Remove the Bolt Carrier Group followed by the Charging Handle
  • Remove the firing pin retaining pin
  • Remove the firing pin
  • Twist the bolt until the cam pin is no longer obstructed by the bolt carrier key
  • Rotate the cam pin 90 degrees and pull away from the BCG
  • Pull the bolt away from the bolt carrier
  • Push the detent in front of the buffer and remove the buffer and buffer spring
  • Remove handguards (if removable, that is)

General Tips

  • cleaning is also your chance to inspect parts of the gun you normally don’t see
  • wipe down fire control group with a q-tip just to make sure there are no unknown metal shavings in there and to make sure their is a sufficient amount of semi-clean lube
  • wipe down inside of mag-well and inspect for smoothness, no scratches or burrs should be present
  • remove buffer and spring from tube and wipe down/inspect for flaws
  • for the upper, use chamber brush
  • clean from breech to muzzle
  • BONE tool cleaning (inside the bolt carrier where the bolt rides, the bolt, and the firing pin)
  • I spray Gun Scrubber down the gas tube, let it work and drain out the barrel (careful where you point the barrel), then a drop or 2 of oil with muzzle point down to keep things rust free
  • push extractor retaining pin out with firing pin, clean and inspect extractor and extractor spring

Listener Feedback:

Mike: Greetings, I've just come upon your podcast and have listen to two so far. I am mostly impressed. I'm new to the AR community so have lots to learn to be sure. I have an overall very positive impression at this point. Just would like to give some feedback after listening to the Now is a good time to build an AR.

My negative comments come from the end of the show about the giveway. Do you add an individual\'s name multiple times if they send in \"x\" # of AR pics? Doesn\'t seem to me to meet the intent of what you want to accomplish with this giveaway...does it? I mean the guy who has a safe full of ARs hardly needs another? I might suggest you limit it to one pic one entry just to even things out. And it did go downhill a bit for me when it got to suggesting chick pics. I would hope you guys pass on that.

Anyhow, I do plan to listen to a bunch of the episodes to get caught up. And I would like to comment that in regards to building an is damn near impossible to find a Left Hand build kit anywhere. Now again...I'm sure there are places you guys know of to obtain a kit. If so then do let me know.

A request I have is maybe you could do a podcast on assembling the must have AR build tools/items need to assemble an AR from scratch. Now I guess many hard core long time AR owners have this info. But it does seem to me that you are looking to educate newcomers to the AR.

Another suggestion could be a segment on the must have resources/library/references for the new and experienced AR owner.

I find the world of the AR nearly overwhelming. I think your podcast has a lot to offer in helping us new folks to the platform.  Thanks and I do plan to send a picture in for the contest.

Do you also do a video website/video podcasts by chance in addition to the audio podcast? Looking forward to learning more through you. Thanks!

Josh:  Steve, Best episode yet (sorry Reed, I do enjoy your work as well...). It was a refreshing change. Please do it again. Maybe you and Reed could do one representing TX! Tell Jake to take a sick day. ;)

I'm not a huge fan of modern country, and didn't recognize the first song, but I about creamed my pants when you played Hank Senior. Fantastic start to my day. Thank you. Sorry for the explicit description of my reaction to Hank Williams. My biggest inspiration as a musician (mandolin/dobro), but I damned sure can't sing.

Also, I liked your tip of the week way better than the product of the week. I'm an AR minimalist so I don't really care about all the new tacticool crap you can slap on your rifle, although Reed comes up with some great functional products.

Thanks again for the great show and the unexpected dose of The Great Hank!

James: Reed, Just loved your prepping show! Keep it up. I am a Canadian firearms enthusiast and I can't hunt with an AR here. However do you know of any rifles that use 5.56 (preferably) / .223 AR magazines? I would like to purchase one until I can get an AR for competition.  Also if you could continue with the comparison of 7.62 and .308 I would appreciate it!  Thanks so much!

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